Life In Photos #16

Since I have an Instagram that I post to quite regularly, I’m adding in a new section to Life In Photos. Check it out down there!

Funko Shelf

I finally hung my Funko POP! shelf! I say finally as I’ve had this shelf sitting on the floor of my living room for a good two weeks. Why? I couldn’t decide if I wanted to paint it or not. I love the plain wood, but it matches nothing in our living room…but since nothing in our living room actually matches at this point, I decided to keep it plain for now. I can’t wait to have more full size POPs for it. The litte Star Wars guys are actually mini papercrafts – they came in a NerdBlock. So. CUTE!


All the lilies in my front yard are blooming and they are beautiful! Lilies are definitely my favorite flower, and I love having bunches to bring in. Especially in that dark blue vase – I just love the contrast.


I know I say it a lot, but it’s just so true: I love my state. And where I live IN my state. We are right before the White Mountains, and these are some of the views we have while driving (or passenger-ing, in this case).


And just one more lovely sky pic, with trees as it was too lovely not to share! Beautiful day.


And lastly, a farewell photo of my beloved Jeep. Tune in tomorrow for more info!


Instagram RoundUp


Going clockwise…

1. My latest Indie Gift Box which I adore!!!

2. Tomato basil grilled cheese with my own homegrown basil…omnomnom.

3. Snagged six new hardcover mystery/psychological thrillers at a yard sale for $5. Love yard sales. Though reading about serial killers RIGHT before bed isn’t always the smartest move.

4. I bought and printed Campfire Chic‘s Three Sixty Five eBook and it’s been such a great resource for blogging! Packed with tips and post ideas. Really gets the ideas flowing!



6 thoughts on “Life In Photos #16

  1. Jenn says:

    Those papercrafts are too adorable. Little Boba Fett! Those lilies are seriously gorgeous. Makes me wish I didn’t have such a black thumb.

    • kaycreate says:

      The Boba Fett is definitely my favorite!
      If you have space, try planting some lily bulbs! They are perennials, so they’ll come back every year, and I literally do NOTHING to mine. I don’t even water them – just let the rain do it when we get a shower. Plant them in the fall, and it might take a year for them to get many buds (the first year these were planted I only got one bloom) but they keep coming back!

      • Jenn says:

        Really?! For some reason, I always assumed they required a ton of care. I have some bulbs from a lily my uncle sent me a few months back, so I might actually give it a go now that I know this. Thanks!

  2. Jessica says:

    That shelf is very cute, perfect for the toys! Those flowers and pics of the sky are beautiful!

    $5 for all those books is a great deal! But haha yeah, I agree reading about serial killers before might not be the smartest thing 😛

    Looks like you got some good stuff in that indie box too, I love that glittery star fish!

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