Life In Photos #17

This series is supposed to be posted on Sundays, but lately it’s been totally random! Luckily, all our major weekend trips are done for the year, so I can start getting back on schedule with it!

E and beetle

My goal this year was to have my little not be afraid of bugs. She was terrified of them in spring. Now, she’s a bona fide bug lover! At least of ‘non-bitey’ bugs, as she calls them. But if it’s a beetle, butterfly, or caterpillar, she adores it. She is constantly building little bug shelters out of sticks, leaves, and grass for her bug friends!

building and dinos

Building sweet block castles for her dinosaurs!

cloud bull

We saw this cloud while driving, which I totally think looks like a bull charging with his head down. Do you see it? Or something else?


She loves to ‘read’, and I am adoring her being of the age where she knows stories by memory! It’s so cute listening to her read to herself.


A caterpillar friend she found while camping on our annual family reunion this weekend.

Instagram RoundUp


Going clockwise…

1. My little has been practicing her writing lately. Not bad for three and a half!

2. More radishes ready for picking! YUM! I love adding them in to tuna salad instead of onions. Adds great flavor!

3. Saga. So in love with it! My awesome neighbor has lent me the first two, and I can’t wait to read the third!

4. We took our first raspberry picking trip last week! So much yummy goodness – raspberries are my absolute favorite fruit!


Life In Photos #16

Since I have an Instagram that I post to quite regularly, I’m adding in a new section to Life In Photos. Check it out down there!

Funko Shelf

I finally hung my Funko POP! shelf! I say finally as I’ve had this shelf sitting on the floor of my living room for a good two weeks. Why? I couldn’t decide if I wanted to paint it or not. I love the plain wood, but it matches nothing in our living room…but since nothing in our living room actually matches at this point, I decided to keep it plain for now. I can’t wait to have more full size POPs for it. The litte Star Wars guys are actually mini papercrafts – they came in a NerdBlock. So. CUTE!


All the lilies in my front yard are blooming and they are beautiful! Lilies are definitely my favorite flower, and I love having bunches to bring in. Especially in that dark blue vase – I just love the contrast.


I know I say it a lot, but it’s just so true: I love my state. And where I live IN my state. We are right before the White Mountains, and these are some of the views we have while driving (or passenger-ing, in this case).


And just one more lovely sky pic, with trees as it was too lovely not to share! Beautiful day.


And lastly, a farewell photo of my beloved Jeep. Tune in tomorrow for more info!


Instagram RoundUp


Going clockwise…

1. My latest Indie Gift Box which I adore!!!

2. Tomato basil grilled cheese with my own homegrown basil…omnomnom.

3. Snagged six new hardcover mystery/psychological thrillers at a yard sale for $5. Love yard sales. Though reading about serial killers RIGHT before bed isn’t always the smartest move.

4. I bought and printed Campfire Chic‘s Three Sixty Five eBook and it’s been such a great resource for blogging! Packed with tips and post ideas. Really gets the ideas flowing!