What’s Behind Door Number Two?

It’s a neeeeeewwwwwwwwwww car!!!

Which I did not win on a game show, unfortunately.



I got myself a new car on Saturday! My first ever NEW car. A 2014 Subaru Crosstrek. It’s divine.

However, as much as I love my new car, I did have to say farewell to my beloved Jeep. Which I really did love. A dark blue Jeep Liberty has always been my dream car. Seriously, ever since I was a freshman in high school it’s the car I’ve always wanted. I was never into sports cars, or crazy expensive brand cars – I always just wanted my Jeep. So five years ago, when I finally got a 2004 dark blue Jeep Liberty I was ecstatic. It’s first adventure was my big family reunion camping trip. I could feel how happy it was driving up the woodsy dirt road to the field where we all camp. I started purposely taking the unpaved, backwoods road to my grandmother’s house just to enjoy the jostly ride. It was great for trips, or even just to get the groceries.

It’s first camping trip in 2009.

And it’s last camping trip, just last month.

I loved my Jeep. But, it was getting old. 2014 marked my fifth year of ownership and it’s health was rapidly declining. And, as much as I love it, it got horrendous gas mileage. After talking it over with the hubs, we decided to trade it in 2015 for a new car. And that is when my Jeep turned on me.

Now, I’m not a huge believer in cars having personalities. I do often refer to my cars with a gender (I always felt my Jeep was a boy, and yet my new car is absolutely a female) but I’ve never named a car. Or talked to it (okay, not TOO much). But I swear, right after we had the conversation about trading it in, things on my Jeep started breaking. It needed so many repairs to pass inspection we debated if it was worth paying them. In the end, we did, and it continued to break down, need new parts, and generally go downhill.


The last picture I took of it, the day I traded it in at the dealership.

So we looked over the finances and opted to trade it in now. Which was actually pretty sad. More so than I would have expected since I don’t get too attached to vehicles. I loved that Jeep. But at least, for a little while, I got to own the car I always wanted.



6 thoughts on “What’s Behind Door Number Two?

  1. Chase Photography says:

    SUBARUS ARE AMAZING!!!! Subaru family over here! 2007 Subaru impreza (88k miles and still in pretty great shape) and our 2012 Subaru Forester-my mommy ride. ♥

    I cried when my first subie bit the bullet. Remember hott-wheels? ♥ mechanic’s error did her in.. but I sold her to someone who fixed ‘er up andgot her back on the road!! (282k miles when I sold her)

    Amazing cars.

  2. Jessica says:

    Cars DO have feelings, I know they do. Lol I have never named my car but it’s a girl and I always talk to it, hahah. How embarrasing. Hey, it’s seen me at some of my worst moments (crying in the car when I’m alone, when I’m dancing because I’m super happy or cursing the world because something pissed me off)… unforuntaely I am also having car troubles with my car… it’s old… it’s a 2002 volkswagen passat and I’m having engine troubles… it started the weekend after I quit my job, so weird! I mean, I’m glad it stopped working AFTER I quit my job and not before but still — it’s so sad.

    ANYWAYS your new car is so pretty!! Good thing you say it’s a girl because it looks like a girl ! (Haha we are crazy)


    • kaycreate says:

      Ha love it! And thinking back while writing this post, I definitely talk to my car more than I think! And I also definitely pat the dashboard/steering wheel like I’m petting a cat! XD

  3. Sonya says:

    Oh, geez, I’m going to be so sad when my car finally dies, and I don’t even like driving all that much. I just love my car–which happens to also be a Liberty (2001, red, named Florence). It’s my first car, so it’s definitely got a special place in my heart. Your new one looks so snazzy, though. And I’ve heard good things about Subarus, so I think it’s a good choice.

    • kaycreate says:

      Yay for Liberties!! I do miss my good ole Jeepy, but I did start getting really disheartened with it once it started breaking on a bi-weekly basis. Ugh.
      I definitely do love Subarus – heard nothing bu good things, and they retain their very well for trade-ins so that’s always a bonus!

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