Local Love: Diana’s Baths

Honestly, this really isn’t too ‘local’ for me. It’s over an hour away. But, it’s one of my absolute favorite summer spots, and it’s in New Hampshire so I’m counting it!

Diana’s Baths is a gorgeous area tucked in the mountains which features cascading waterfalls that are fully accessible to play, swim, and climb all over. I love it. My dad used to take my brother and I there all the time when we were kids, and it’s still amazing as an adult!




I feel like it’s hard to get the scale of these without anything to show it – they look so tiny to me in the pictures! But they are actually about 10 -12 feet tall, perfect for climbing on without being too intimidating.

This is my little ones first trip since she was an infant! There is a little half mile trail to get to the falls, which she had a blast on. I love how happy she is in the woods. She was constantly remarking on how beautiful the woods are, and how lovely everything in the woods is. Which pretty much fills me to the bursting point with joy.

leap lets go chilling

Now that she’s old enough to climb and explore on her own, it is definitely a little more heart-attack inducing. There is something unsettling about seeing your child splashing away near a cliff of rocks. As I’ve said before, Dad, I really apologize for all my crazy exploring antics as a child. It was so much fun for me, but now that I’m on the other side, it’s terrifying.

with dad chilling2

The water level was really low on this trip, which was actually nice as it meant the little miss had a lot more rock to climb on and explore! It does make for less dramatic waterfalls, but that’s okay too.


Once you get to the top of the area, where all the falls start, there is this beautiful serene little place filled with cairns that people have made. It’s so lovely, and perfect for wading (though that mountain water is chilly, even on a hot summer day!).

cairns2 cairns1

If you’re in New Hampshire and looking for a great place to daytrip, Diana’s Baths is perfect. It can get busy in peak summertime, but it’s definitely worth it.

4 thoughts on “Local Love: Diana’s Baths

  1. Jenn says:

    This looks like such a relaxing, yet fun place to take a little daytrip. Now I’m wondering if there’s a similar place closer to me…off to Google!

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