Life In Photos #27


We revisited this area again with the hubs, and it’s my new favorite place. It’s so beautiful year round, but especially in the fall.


Since the hubs was with us he actually snapped some pics of me and my little!! A very rare thing. Big open field = we must play chase. My last sundress wear for the season – it was randomly 80 degrees a few days back. Really, fall?!

daddy and e

My two favorite people. She was so excited to find a mouse hole at the base of the tree!


We visited my dad this week and found this amazing bug on his deck. He was moving pretty darn slowly as it was a very chilly day. I just love the beautiful iridescent blue color! I haven’t looked up what type of bug it is yet, so if you know clue me in!


This last picture cracks me up. My little had just woken up from nap (she has been partial to napping on Big Bear lately) and the first thing out of her mouth was, “Take a picture of my feet please, Mommy.” Can do my love, can do.

Instagram RoundUp

insta roundup 10-3-2014

Clockwise from top left…

1. I turned that lovely bunch of ingredients into my first homemade spaghetti sauce! It turned out really well!
2. I got my new Harry Potter spell Unsponges in from Nature Junkie. I just love her Unsponges!
3. I made apple turnovers with our fresh picked apples. That night I had one for dinner. And one for dessert.
4. Fall crafts took over this week!

Life In Photos #24


Our morning walks are still going strong! We decided to walk up near my mother-in-law’s house this week as she has some excellent back country roads to walk on.


My little miss had a blast collecting as much mica as she could find! She now has her own mica jar to fill to the brim.


We stumbled upon this gorgeous view on one of our walks. I am absolutely having our family photos done here this year! Especially once the leaves start to turn – it’s going to be so beautiful!


This tree in particular. I can’t wait until it turns, and we can take photos with it. So perfect!



I ended up having an little impromptu photo shoot with my miss when we came upon this rock. I am so in love with the pictures! I took about fifty! I have a ton in color too, which look great, but these two black and whites are a couple of my faves. I just love black and white photography.


And lastly, my little is so into ‘reading’ to her stuffies/toys lately. She has always loved to, but lately her stories are getting so much more complex! I love listening to her (though so far my attempts to record any haven’t been stealthy enough haha) and just basking in her imagination. It’s definitely one of the most amazing parts of becoming a parent.

Instagram RoundUp


Clockwise from top left…

1. This little fox is my first pattern that I designed myself for a plush! There’ll be a bit more info about him on this coming WIP Wednesday.

2. I attempted to make little French Macarons this week and boy was it a baking fail haha! However, despite looking all wrong, they really did taste delicious.

3. I don’t often do selfies, but I got tagged for one this week and my little had to photobomb.

4. We’ve still been having lovely visits with our donkey friends! The baby’s fuzzy head just kills me!! So cute!!


Local Love: Diana’s Baths

Honestly, this really isn’t too ‘local’ for me. It’s over an hour away. But, it’s one of my absolute favorite summer spots, and it’s in New Hampshire so I’m counting it!

Diana’s Baths is a gorgeous area tucked in the mountains which features cascading waterfalls that are fully accessible to play, swim, and climb all over. I love it. My dad used to take my brother and I there all the time when we were kids, and it’s still amazing as an adult!




I feel like it’s hard to get the scale of these without anything to show it – they look so tiny to me in the pictures! But they are actually about 10 -12 feet tall, perfect for climbing on without being too intimidating.

This is my little ones first trip since she was an infant! There is a little half mile trail to get to the falls, which she had a blast on. I love how happy she is in the woods. She was constantly remarking on how beautiful the woods are, and how lovely everything in the woods is. Which pretty much fills me to the bursting point with joy.

leap lets go chilling

Now that she’s old enough to climb and explore on her own, it is definitely a little more heart-attack inducing. There is something unsettling about seeing your child splashing away near a cliff of rocks. As I’ve said before, Dad, I really apologize for all my crazy exploring antics as a child. It was so much fun for me, but now that I’m on the other side, it’s terrifying.

with dad chilling2

The water level was really low on this trip, which was actually nice as it meant the little miss had a lot more rock to climb on and explore! It does make for less dramatic waterfalls, but that’s okay too.


Once you get to the top of the area, where all the falls start, there is this beautiful serene little place filled with cairns that people have made. It’s so lovely, and perfect for wading (though that mountain water is chilly, even on a hot summer day!).

cairns2 cairns1

If you’re in New Hampshire and looking for a great place to daytrip, Diana’s Baths is perfect. It can get busy in peak summertime, but it’s definitely worth it.

Camping and the Intensity of Parenthood

Last week we had our first camping trip of the year! This was a special trip not only because it was the first of 2014, but also because it was our first camping trip with just the three of us as our little family. Other trips have always included friends, or other family members. We were a little worried as the weather was predicting rain, rain, thunderstorms, rain, but in the end it turned out to be a great trip!

The drive up was beautiful. Then again, I always think New Hampshire is beautiful! But up in the mountains especially. We were camping nestled in the White Mountains, and it’s just lovely.

mountain1 mountain2

I love my state!

Setting up camp is always quite the operation. We actually ended up getting the tarp all set up, then tearing it down and re-doing it in a much more efficient manner. Luckily, we can do all this with laughter and smiles instead of frustration. And our little was certainly occupied:

MUD! river view mud play

MUD!! Seriously, give my girl some mud and she’s entertained for hours. I picked this site as it was right on the river, and it was exactly what I was hoping for! A nice shallow section where she can wade, float things, play in the water and mud – perfect!

campsite2 campsite

Our site was great – plenty of space, great view of the woods and river, and really close to the bathroom facility which is always handy with a little. I’m used to camping with no actual bathrooms, so this felt pretty luxurious!

bubbles1 bubbles2

Bubbles are a camping necessity.

snack and painting

As are snacks and portable art projects.

kettle corn

Speaking of snacks my love of kettle corn is out of control. I had to stop myself from eating this whole bag on the first night. I only get it a couple times a year, and it is SO GOOD!

cheesy potatoes

Om nom nom fire roasted bacon-cheddar potatoes.



So serious discussions reading around the campfire. ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ can get pretty intense. 😉

smores nom

And of course, you can’t have camping without s’mores.

You may be wondering where the title of this post comes from. Well, around 9pm on the first night it’s getting pretty dark out, the little miss is sound asleep in the tent and the hubs and I are just chilling out doing more reading by the fire. Our camp neighbor from across the way goes jogging by saying, “Keep an eye out, there’s a black bear in my site.” My first thought is, ‘COOL!’, immediately followed by, ‘Good gravy there’s a black bear across the road from me, what should I do?’. Really, the answer is not much. Black bears are not naturally hostile (with the exception of a mother/cub territory situation) and in this case, the bears just want food. Inexperienced campers leave food out all the time, and the bears know this. Therefore, once it’s dark, out they come looking for food! So our camp neighbor comes back with the ranger from the lodge, they chase it off, and all is well. At this point, since we were still up, we had our food out. We immediately moved it all into the car! And then commenced with some candle-light cribbage.

late night cribbage

Almost right after I took this photo (it’s now about 10:30pm), our directly-next-door neighbors (vs. across the road like before) shout out, “The bear’s here!”. The ranger, who had been around still, runs over and chases it off. So my hubs turns around with the flashlight, and lo and behold about six feet away is the 350 – 400lb black bear lumbering into our campsite. We back up, and at this point my adrenaline has started peaking. Cue title of this post. The bear is wandering around our tarp, over to the table which is right next to our tent. Where my sleeping three year old lays peacefully. At this point, all logic is out the window. I know the bear isn’t hostile. I know it doesn’t give a hoot about my sleeping child in the tent. But all I can focus on is GIANT BEAR IN VICINITY OF CHILD. Yes, I’m pretty sure my inner voice was speaking Tarzan-style at this point. I am now gripping my hubs arm and my own chest, weighing the pros and cons of charging a bear. I had originally intended to call this post ‘Camping and the Intensity of Motherhood’ but then I remembered what my husband did next. Which was charge the bear. He stomped towards it, shaking the flashlight and yelling, and the bear took off right away. So clearly, you don’t just have to be a mom to do crazy things to save your child, even if the saving is purely in your head and there isn’t too much real danger! And despite the commotion, the little miss slept through the whole ordeal.

I have always considered camping a leisure activity. I’ve known about bears, been camping in the mountains and woods since I was little, and the idea of a bear never scared me. And to be honest, the bear itself wasn’t what scared me. It was the thought of anything happening to the precious little being I created. How I’m scared to let her out of my sight when she’s playing at the river even if it’s only eight inches deep. How I constantly wonder if she’s warm enough while she runs around in the rain stomping in puddles and laughing like a loon. Being a parent, those thoughts are just there. Without even thinking about it. And it’s situations like this where sometimes, despite her being three and a half, the reality of parenthood rears up and smacks me in the face again. I am responsible for a raising a life. Awesome.

We did hear the bear again later that night (well, early morning). I’m assuming it was around 3AM and I awoke to what sounded like a horse right next to my head. All snorting and heavy breathing. It lumbered around, and I heard it digging through our bathroom bag and then it must have wandered off after finding no food. It did, however, put holes in all the baggies that held our toothbrushes and hairbrushes!

bear print

Unfortunately by the time we got up in the morning it has been raining for a bit and most of the tracks were gone, but I did manage to snag a pic of this one in the soft sand by the river. And we did see some much smaller and friendlier creatures on our trip!

chipmunk2 chipmunk1

The chipmunks were always around and so cute. They have absolutely no fear of people (this guy walked directly over my shoe), and were thrilled to have a messy three year old eating in our site! Free snacks!


This little moth hung around for quite awhile. The little miss was so excited to hold it!

Despite a very rain filled day, it did let up enough for us to take an awesome hike!


Fabulous tree growing over a rock.

hike2 hike3 hike4 hike5

We didn’t actually finish the whole trail. It was only 1.6 miles, but that’s a lot for tiny legs, and as you can see it was very rocky. At one point we rounded a corner and it was practically straight up, with really big boulders and rocks. The hubs and I just looked at each other and I knew we were picturing the same thing: rock + rain + steep incline = three year old slipping off a cliff to certain death. At that point we headed back!

I remember hiking up steep trails and climbing up the boulders with my dad when I was a little one. He used to call me his Little Mountain Goat, a nickname I wore with pride. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to my dad for climbing like a maniac and running right up to every edge of every cliff and scaring the shit out of him, as my little now does to me. Cliffs and little kids are heart attack inducing, yet I remember how it felt to do it when I was young, how you felt like you’d conquered the world and could look down upon it’s glory. I loved heights back then, and still do. But viewing it with the eyes of a parent now, it’s such an odd mix of pride and terror to watch my own child do it!

That night brought an onslaught of rain. Torrential. If you look below, the first picture is the river pre-rain night, and the second is the next morning. It’s about two feet higher. That’s some serious rain!

water level

But despite the bear, which is actually really cool in restrospect; I can now say I’ve been within six feet of a big ole blackbear, and the rain, our trip was great. Lots of relaxing, playing, and outdoor adventure. The best way to spend a summer! We were most definitely happy campers.

happy camper

Local Love: Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center

Yesterday, my daughter and I started a new four week class at Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center. We heard about it at NH Literacy Day, and the class sounded like it was perfect for us!

Having never been there, or to a class like this, I didn’t really know what to expect. I was not disappointed. The grounds were beautiful, which I did expect. Flowers growing everywhere, birds nests and little critters running about in the woods – my little was loving it!

There were so many kids that we split into two groups, and our group teacher was excellent. So lively and animate with the kids, playing and teaching right to their level. This class was all about the signs of spring, so the activities centered around that.

Doing some serious thinking waiting for story time!

We started off sitting outside for story time.The story was about a peeper frog who woke all the hibernating animals up for spring. Afterwards, we played a game where each kiddo got to pick a frog, and learn it’s call. Then we would hide in the woods making our frog call, and our matching team would seek us out! Then, we’d switch and have to find them.


She picked a peeper frog and was very to happy to make their high pitched peep call!


Hiding behind a big log.

I was happy already – combining hide & seek, outdoor play, and education? Yes! Can my little go to school here all the time?!

Next we moved on to the sparrow nests on the grounds, learning about how they build their nests, and keep their eggs safe. To help the birds build nests, our teacher handed out feathers to the kiddos and had them run into the field flapping their ‘wings’ and then throw the feather as high as they can so the sparrows can come pick them up for their nests.

DSC_0016 (2)


My little was a bit sad about having to give up her feather, but once she saw a sparrow nest up close and personal, and could actually see the feathers in the nest, she was fine to leave it for them!

After that we walked to through the flower gardens. My little adores flowers, so she was so excited to stop and smell everything. We ended the class with a flower scavenger hunt. Each kiddo got a card with a flower pictured on it, and had to find it’s match in the flower garden.

DSC_0019 (2)

My daughter made sure to let me know that this was her favorite part!

DSC_0021 (2)
Had to have a little lie-down while the flower scavenger hunt finished up!

We ended the day back inside having a snack we packed, and letting my little miss play with her new friends. It was such a great time, and I’m so excited for next week’s class which focuses on gardening!


Life In Photos #12

We were pretty busy last week. It was filled with friends, fresh air, and fun – just the way we like it!


Another new photo for the red boots series! I bought my little a new net for the summer, and she is on a mission to catch a fish with it! It’s still way too early for now, but hopefully we’ll get some minnows by the end of the year.


We saw so many of these beautiful iridescent beetles while out walking on the train tracks in the woods! The little miss loved them. So glad she’s no longer too afraid of bugs!


On Saturday we went with some friends to the NH Sheep and Wool Festival. It was so much fun! The kiddos got to pets lots animals (like this alpaca here) and I saw so many fantastic handmade artisan products, including my new favorite soaps ever. There will be a separate post about those!


My two favorite people in the world.


The little is now a Level 1 Bubble Master. Oh yeah.


Enjoying the Weather

I wish I could just move my life outdoors in springtime. But with that being quite impractical, we just spend a boat ton of time outdoors.


Love her shades!

We love to take walks in the area. Just a short distance from us are some really lovely, rural, woodsy roads, with tons to see along the way.


The owner of this little farm was nice enough to let me take pictures of the animals, and even gave my little miss a chicken egg to bring home! We’ve since baked it in with cookies. 🙂




She loved being able to run and play with her cousins, toss rocks into the melting snow streams, and just be outside.

Now that the playgrounds are snow free, we get to spend time playing there too! We took a trip to the park next to our best friend’s house and our girls had a blast. Just can’t get enough of the wonderful weather!





Springtime is just so refreshing. I think at this point in my life, I even like it more than summer.


Has Anyone Seen My Head?

Because I’m pretty sure it fell off somewhere with all the running around I’m doing this week. We are going on a big family camping trip (our annual family reunion) and between prepping for that, regular errands, a new commitment I’ve made with my best bud, and taking my little girl to the beach often, this week is just nuts!!!

DSC_0012 (5)
Very happy with her bright yellow mushroom she found at Grammy’s house!

Luckily, I’m feeling a little more organized on the home front because A: I’ve managed to keep the house in relative order this week, which is good since my brother and his girlfriend are staying with us overnight before we leave for camping. I actually don’t have much to clean up before their arrival! And B: I’ve got my lists made. I can not function without lists. I write them for everything – groceries, chores I need to do, projects I have, and especially for packing. I think it’s combination of my inability to remember things (besides loads of useless trivia) and that visually seeing things laid out in an organized fashion calms my brain. I’m definitely not a neat freak, but I do like organization (hence all our Blu-Rays in perfect alphabetical order).

My lists for our upcoming camping trip. . .I go a little overboard.

We’ve spent tons of time at the beach this week too – it’s been so hot up here in NH (90+ every day!), and I can’t think of a better place than the beach with it’s cool-but-not-TOO-cold water and lake breezes. . .ahhhhhh.

DSC_0179 DSC_0108
            Outta my way, things to do!   Quite happy with her shovel of sand.

This past Sunday we went down to see our favorite cousins and their gorgeous new house they just bought! So glad they moved up to NH so we can see each other more often. They were kind enough to offer up their pool for use, and we had a blast!




Loving the pool!

So the blog will be silent for at least a few days while we go camping, recover from camping, and get the house all back in order and back to everyday life. I’ve got some posts brewing – both about shopping. One on indie shopping and all the AMAZING things I’ve gotten so far from indie stores, and one on yard sales and the crazy cool things you can find for next to nothing! And of course, a post or two about our camping trip will be in the works. Enjoy your week, and stay cool!

Puddle Jumping

We’ve had a lot of rain here lately, and if there’s one thing I enjoy, it’s taking my little miss out to stomp and play in puddles.

DSC_0101 (3) DSC_0110 (2)

I don’t think there is anything better than such pure joy on her little face.

We have one right down the street from us that gets HUGE after a big rain. . .it’s one of our favorite things to pop on some play clothes and splash away!


Run run running and splash splash splashing!


Someone got a little tuckered out and needed a rest.

I love taking time to enjoy the little things with my baby girl, who is rapidly becoming a young lady before my eyes.


What simple pleasures do you enjoy with your kids? Or even just for yourself?