October Goals Wrap Up

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October was month packed full of plans. Every weekend was booked, and the weekdays were filled with plans as well! In a way, I don’t mind as it prepares me for the upcoming craziness that is November, and especially December. These next two months are such a busy time for us as a family!

Life Goals:

  • Paint pumpkins for Halloween. SUCCESS! We carved AND painted a pumpkin!
  • Go to a fair. SUCCESS! We went to the Sandwich Fair on October 12th and it was so much fun! The little loved seeing the animals, got a gigantic Frozen balloon, and of course we all indulged in some fried dough.
  • Clean off our sun porch. SUCCESS!  I am SO glad I got this one done! It’s still pretty cramped out there, but at least now it’s organized and cramped!
  • Complete a sketch-a-day challenge. FAIL. This was just a plain out epic failure on my part. I got to day three, and then pretty much completely forgot about it. Sigh. Someday I’ll complete one!
  • Make 3 more Christmas presents. SUCCESS/FAIL. I’m calling this a success/fail because while I only completed one gift set, I have four others about halfway done!

Blog Goals:

  • Purchase ad space on other blogs (for November). FAIL. I got part one done, which is find the blogs I want to pay for sponsoring on, but have yet to actually purchase space. Or upload my blog buttons, for which I have zero excuse; I just keep forgetting about it.
  • Continue my 3 ongoing series. SUCCESS! WIP Wednesday, Life In Photos, and Links to the Past are all going strong!
  • Look into/install Disqus. SUCCESS/FAIL. Another success/fail, this time because while I looked into Disqus it turns out you can’t install plugins on a WordPress site, unless you are self hosted. We are in the process of getting hosting set up, so hopefully by December I’ll have made the switch.
  • Contact people about artist features. FAIL. This was actually a purposeful fail. I was looking over my list of projects, blog stuff, etc and realized I don’t want to take on this feature project until 2015. So I’m postponing sending out the emails until next month or December, in order to get everything prepped for January.
  • Promote my posts on Instagram. SUCCESS! I promoted a few posts on IG and they seem to be well received! Yay!

Also, as you may have noticed, I decided to nix WIP Wednesday for yesterday. But it’ll be back next week!

My little miss is so excited for trick-or-treating tomorrow (as most not-quite-four-year-olds would be!) and her costumes is prepped. How did October treat you?

8 thoughts on “October Goals Wrap Up

  1. geekyseamstress says:

    I’m pretty bad about purchasing ad space on other blogs. Sometimes I feel a little silly doing it, but it really is a great way to promote your blog. October’s been pretty good for me!

  2. Kendall Ashley says:

    That’s too bad about Disqus. I was curious about it for my own blog, but it looks like I’ll run into the same issues. Bummer.

    Regardless, even though you were freaking out a few days ago, it looks like you got a TON done this month. Congrats!

    • kaycreate says:

      Thanks! Yeah I’m quite disappointed about Disqus, but not much I can do. I actually got more of these goals done than I thought, so that helped ease the freak out haha!

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