Can’t Get Enough. . .

of Grace and Miss Mouse Soaps.

*Photo from Grace and Miss Mouse website*

I discovered these handcrafted, made in Vermont soaps earlier this year at a sheep and wool festival, and they are amazing! I have never been able to use a bar soap before. They’ve always left me with a dry, scaly, itchy feeling on my legs and body. So I’d pretty much given up the handmade, artisan soap route. I assumed my skin just wasn’t meant for them. But while shopping around with a friend at the festival, we stumbled upon the booth for Grace and Miss Mouse Soaps. And I picked up a bar to smell (because who doesn’t love that?) and was immediately intrigued. It felt like I was holding a bar of lotion. My hands felt more moisturized when I set it down. So I threw the dice, and bought two bars assuming if they didn’t work out, at least I supported an indie biz.

But they did work out. And they smell amazing. The first bar I used was the Rosemary Mint, and it was so fantastic. I was excited to shower just to use the soap. The scent was so incredibly refreshing. The second bar was an unscented Castile soap, which is a much gentler soap and I figured might be better on my skin. In retrospect, I should have used the Castile bar first, but the Rosemary Mint smelled so damn good I couldn’t wait. Luckily, it works lovely on my skin!

*Photo from Grace and Miss Mouse website*

Also, these soaps last. I bought my bars in May, and only now am at the point of needing to order more as the second bar is almost gone. And no, I’m not a shower-once-a-week person – I shower just about every other day, so it gets used regularly. I do keep the bar out of the shower, which definitely helps preserve it’s life.

So if you’re looking for amazing soap, and the added bonus of supporting and indie/handmade biz, check out Grace and Miss Mouse Soaps! Other flavors I’d recommend just by their scent: Zen, Black Raspberry Vanilla, and Lavender Oatmeal. They also offer Sheep’s Milk Soap!

I was not compensated for this post – I just love their soaps and spreading support for indie businesses!

5 thoughts on “Can’t Get Enough. . .

  1. Jessica says:

    handmade soaps are awesome! i’ve only tried one kind, i already forgot the name (oops) but they were great! expensive though so i haven’t tried any more lately. these sound wonderful! 🙂

    • kaycreate says:

      Some can be expensive. I didn’t mind the price of these as it is roughly what I spend on a bottle of bodywash, and the soaps ended up lasting way longer than I thought they would! So that was a big bonus. 🙂

  2. Jenn says:

    I, too, have never been able to use bar soaps because they tend to dry out my skin. I’m pretty attached to my Aveeno body wash, but the scents you mentioned sound so good, I may have to give these a go. Lavender Oatmeal particularly interests me.

    • kaycreate says:

      I feel like bar soaps are super hit or miss – what works for one may not work for another. And yes, I love Aveeno too! All my lotions (and facewash) are Aveeno. I hope they work out if you give the bar soaps a try!

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