Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! The hubs and I have never done anything over the top for this particular holiday. Neither one of us are against it at all, it’s just not one of those holidays that is really important to either one of us. We have the tendency to randomly surprise each other with little things for no reason at all (he usually snags me nerdy collectibles, I tend to bring home some of his favorite sweet treats!) so V-Day just isn’t too big on our celebration list. But this year, I was spoiled!

We celebrated on Wednesday since he had the day off, and first he surprised me with this beautiful orchid.



Orchids are my absolute favorite flower, in basically any variety and this one is so lovely. Giant blooms, with plenty of buds left to open up!

Then he got me a HUGE square of fudge from my favorite shop! YUM! I rarely ever get fudge, so I’m pretty excited to savor this baby. Despite the fact that all I want to do is take it to a corner and gnaw away the entire thing, mouse style. But a little at a time. . .self control. . .I can do that!


And lastly, as if that wasn’t enough he got me a new Game of Thrones Funko figurine! I LOVE my Funko guys – I think they are such an awesome combination of totally adorable and totally creepy. He got me Jaime Lannister for Christmas, and now he’s added Jon Snow to my collection!


ISN’T HE JUST SO ADORABLE?!?! He is definitely my favorite one yet. His little mustache just kills me.

The little miss and I made him some cards earlier in the week. For hers, she painted a separate sheet of paper and then I cut out heart shapes. She glued them on in a line on the front of his card and then ‘wrote’ (aka she held the Sharpie while I guided her hand) on the front. For the inside she opted to do a watercolor drawing on one side, and crayons on the other. She was so proud! For her envelope, she colored a white heart and glued it on. Mine was just some stamp letters and silver ink! I think this years card is my favorite card I’ve made him yet. It’s silly, which suits us (definitely not the romantic sappy type over here) and also adorable! For the inside I used a sticker from my Scrawny Girl sticker pack and wrote a little love note for him. Perfect!





How do you plan to spend your Valentine’s Day?

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A Celebration of Love

I’ve had love on the mind this week. Not because it’s Valentines Day on Friday, but because on Sunday we celebrated my grandparents 60TH wedding anniversary. Sixty years together! It’s one of those numbers that seems unfathomable simply because I can’t picture any part of my life that far into the future.

Their wedding day in 1954.

My grandparents have always been my inspiration for a perfect relationship.  They were a gigantic part of my childhood, and so many of my values have been instilled in me by them. Not even just in terms of relationships, but life values as well! I think my favorite thing about both of them is their ability to find humor in anything. To me, that is so incredibly important in a relationship. You have to be able to laugh together – especially if you can find humor in the frustrating times.

Sixty years, three children, three grandchildren, and one great grandchild later.

I also know that they didn’t get to sixty years together without an incredible amount of work and dedication to the life they built together. No relationship is easy street all the time. Everyone has lows. Whether it’s financial, emotional – there are always times of struggle. But choosing to work through it together is what makes a relationship work. And they have worked through every hard time together, and come out stronger than before.

We made a Through The Years display as part of the decorations, with one photo of them together from each decade. I love seeing them age together throughout the years!

DSC_0021 DSC_0022 DSC_0023 DSC_0024 DSC_0025 DSC_0026 DSC_0027

Between their anniversary and Valentines Day rolling in soon, it’s made me think about my own relationship, and how happy I am in it. The hubs and I have certainly had our share of ups and downs, but I feel like we too are stronger with each obstacle we overcome. I love how we poke fun at one another and share that humor, I love that feeling of ‘home’ when we are together, I love what an amazing father he is, and I love that I can count on him for anything. Sure, we bicker occasionally, and definitely each have our faults (I am well aware that I have a serious case of nagging wifey syndrome, yet can’t seem to stop!) but we truly love one another, and are willing to work through problems when they arise.

So here’s to my grandparents sixty years together, and here’s to my own journey of building a life with the man that I love. Cheers!

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