1AM Promise: January

I just realized we’re a week into February and I haven’t posted my indie purchase(s) from January! My goal is to keep to the 1AM Promise every month this year (what is that? Click here to find out!). So month one: check!
I was Miss Indecisive with buying last month. I browsed my Storenvy multiple times and just couldn’t decide on what I wanted. The combination of too many awesome things to choose from and not really sure what my budget was going to be made for a lot of browsing and zero decision making. In fact, it was down to the last week before I could finally figure it out. But then this product fell in my lap.

Meet the Unsponge, handmade and sold by Nature Junkie.

Image via Nature Junkie

I am part of a crafty handmade group on Facebook, and she happened to post a set in there, and I immediately knew it was going to be my purchase. What is an Unsponge you ask? It’s a reusable, machine-washable, totally awesome sponge! All the cleaning power of a regular sponge, no skanky germs, AND eco friendly. How can you go wrong?

I ordered a custom set to match my kitchen (which is yellow with mostly black accents).


I’ve had them for a week and adore them! They really hold soap, which is great as I use less per load that way. And they don’t STINK! That is my absolute favorite part – I can not stand the horrific moldy sponge smell that seems to happen after just a couple uses of a normal sponge. The Unsponges don’t have too much scrubbing power though, so I still keep a Scotch-Brite pad on hand for those times when my pans need a little extra elbow grease. But all in all, they are a sturdy well made product, and definitely one of my favorite buys! I love supporting an indie business, and if I can do so while getting a completely practical item, I am a happy mama.

That same week I ended up making a second purchase for January – this totally awesome sticker pack from Scrawny Girl!

Image via Scrawny Girl

I’ve been in the ongoing process of decorating the cover of my art/idea journal, and these stickers were a MUST for me. I love her illustrations, and the minute I saw them listed, into the cart they went! If you haven’t seen her work, check it out – it rocks! Upon receiving my package, I opened it to the complete surprise of extra goodies!! Needless to say I did a total happy dance in my kitchen. I even got a hand written thank you note (which I’m discovering is not that uncommon in the world of indie shopping).

All my loot from Scrawny Girl.

Still not sold on indie shopping? Well, stay tuned this month for February’s 1AM Purchase and I’ll convert you yet!

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