Links to the Past

Hyrule crest

  • As someone who loves to thrift shop, I am really liking this new-to-me website Twice. It’s the beauty of thrift shopping without ever having to leave my house, or sort through endless racks! Perfect. My first purchase was a skirt, which I love! I’ll be shopping again for sure.
  • As an introvert, being pregnant was unbearable sometimes with so many people thinking pregnancy entitles them to invade a woman’s personal space and make remarks about their body. This article explains just how wrong that is, and also helpful things you can say to a pregnant woman. (Hint: It’s NOT, “Are you having twins?!”….)

  • And lastly, every Johnny Depp character in one cosplay = best cosplay ever. Just fantastic.

I know I usually post some Zelda fanart at the end, but seriously I just can’t get over the above cosplay so that will have to suffice!