Cool Site: theSkimm

I’d heard of theSkimm sometime last year. I had thought of signing up at the time, but put it in the back of my mind where it was never to be seen again. But about a month ago, Chocolate and Cream Cake had a post about it, and the lightbulb went off in my head.

So what is theSkimm? It’s what I consider the best way to get news. Every weekday they email you the hottest topics (realĀ  world issues, not a bunch of puff pieces) going on at the moment, in easy to read condensed form. With added snark and sarcasm. Perfect right?

It certainly is for me. Since I don’t have cable I’m obviously not watching any news channels, and there is just SO much to choose from, article-wise, online. I never know where to begin. theSkimm does the work for me, and it’s fabulous. An easy way to stay informed – love it!

Want to sign up? Feel free to click my handy dandy referral link HERE! It’s totally free, and totally awesome.