Holidays Are In The Air

My house is ready for Christmas. Despite the fact that Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet. And although my cat may be loving the Christmas tree (see above) it does feel odd to have my tree and decorations up already, but it is necessary. Allow my to elaborate.

Thanksgiving for me marks the time where my life begins to feel like I’m on that slow, adrenaline-building climb towards the top of a roller coaster.  My hubby’s birthday is the December 11th, my daughter’s is a week later on the 18th, and what’s a week after that? Christmas. Two parties and Christmas to plan for, all a week apart. I try and get all the planning for them DONE by early November, so by the time December actually arrives, I just hang on for the ride! Plus, that way I can focus on keeping my house spotless for three weeks straight since we have a constant flux of people in and out for parties and such. Needless to say, by the time January comes, the concept of free time is so foreign that I tend to spend week one of the new year vegging out on my couch and binge-watching Netflix shows.

Placing the first ornaments on the tree.

But back to my original point – Christmas decorations. Normally we cut our tree down and set up our decor the weekend after Thanksgiving, but my husband has mandatory overtime this year for that weekend, so those plans were done for.  And as stated above, we have zero free weekends before Christmas, so it was now or never! And once the tree was in the house I couldn’t just leave it all naked and blank for a week so we decorated it. And since my decoration boxes were then already out. . .you get the idea.

DSC_0112      DSC_0118
Posing nicely for mommy, then taking in the wonder of the tree lights in the dark!

With everything in my house all cozy and in the Christmas spirit, I am definitely ready for the holidays! However, I feel more than slightly ridiculous starting to wrap presents before Thanksgiving is here, so I’ve resisted. (But I can start tomorrow night right? RIGHT?!)

I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving, and stuff yourself silly with delicious foods. I know I will be doing just that!

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