1AM Promise: March’s Indie Buys!

So far this year, 1AM has turned into 2AM. I’ve made at least two indie purchases a month – YAY!

I am SO excited about this month’s first purchase. One of my goals this year was to own original artwork, when I can afford it. It just so happens that one of my favorite artists I’ve found on DeviantArt, Sylwia Telari, had commission slots available for March, and the price was absolutely right. I snatched up a slot right away!

First, I’ll give you a taste of her artwork. I am so in love with her use of color (often muted, but still so full of life), and most especially how she renders lighting. It is so beautiful. Her use of watercolor as a medium is beautiful. I always love seeing her new work!

When I first contacted her about a commission, I realized I had absolutely no idea what I wanted for a piece. I had no composition, character, or even a specific subject in mind. I decided I wanted a mother/daughter piece, and asked her if it was okay if I left the details up to her? I included that we like walks in the woods, books, and kitties. She said that was great, and she’d run with it. Here’s what she made for me:

It is so perfect! I love the clothing design, the fantasy element to it, it’s whimsical nature. I haven’t yet decided where to hang it, since I want it to be in a place that everyone can admire it!

Obviously, I was thrilled with my piece, and I’m excited for it to be my first purchased piece of original art!

My second indie purchase this month is going to be for my daughter. It comes from the amazing shop Sugar Crumbs. She makes the cutest little amigurumis, and when she posted this little guy, I knew I had to have him for my daughter’s Easter basket!

*Image via Sugar Crumbs*

I was ready and waiting when he went on sale in the shop, and snagged him right away!

At his new home, ready for my daughter’s Easter basket!

My little miss has a love for animals, and tiny stuffies, so she is going to be so happy with it. I can just picture her delicately cuddling him!

Yup, adoring this months indie buys! I’ve actually already started shopping for April’s indie purchases since they include more things for my daughter’s Easter basket, and I want to make sure they get here in time. But I will save the reveal for next month!

Do you Shop Indie yet? 🙂