Where I Make Art

Until recently, I’d never really had much love for my art area in our master bedroom. I had a desk, with all my supplies set up, but it never felt right. I was never comfortable working there. So when I wanted to do some art, I ended up just hauling all the supplies I needed to the living room coffee table which was so inconvenient.

And then, in one of my let’s-just-rearrange-furniture-until-I-like-it moods, I had an epiphany, moved three pieces of furniture and now I totally love it! It’s amazing what a little change can do. I love looking at people’s work spaces, art spaces, craft spaces. Seeing where people create things just makes me happy! And often provides inspiration for my own area. So I figured I’d share my new workspace with you!

art area

Here’s the overview. It’s right next to the door, which I like as I still feel like I’m facing outward toward the house. I have a weird thing where I don’t like sitting facing away from doorways (which my old setup did). I always have to sleep facing them too. Moving on. The only thing that is really unfortunate about this room is the lighting. It’s lit by two fluorescent lights (with a drop ceiling, yuck – it’s like a hospital ceiling) that provides very uneven light. So I do have a lamp that I bring over when I work. This desk was originally a computer desk that had a second level to it, which we ripped off so I could have a big flat surface area to work on. The computer tower area (bottom left door) now houses my sewing machine, and the others are used for storage, mainly supplies I don’t use often.

Figured I’d share my supplies to, since I like to see that stuff! 😀

button roll

1. My pin display. I used to have my pins on my bulletin board, but that now has a different use. I knew I wanted to display my pins, so one day at Wal Mart I saw this fun burlap roll on sale ($.99!) and snagged it immediately. I love it.

2. My fantastic custom pencil and pen from Mystic Eye Creations. The pencil is what I use for ALL my sketching and drawing, and the pen I use for my planner/idea notebook. I have another pen from them as well, but it hangs out on my nightstand with my journal. Seriously, check out their stuff. It’s beautiful!!

3. My watercolors and their supplies. The brushes I use most hang out in the tray with the tubes. That wooden box underneath is actually an antique English Leather box (though I have no idea what that means in terms of what was originally in there – cleaning kit maybe?). I use it to hold all my paint cloths. The little silver box is also watercolors, the palette kind.

And now, the left side.

left side

1. Although it’s cut off, I realized this is the only picture I took of this, oops. My WIP staging area. Just some twine strung up with tacks that I can clothespin all my WIPs onto. Since I tend to have multiple projects going on, this is really handy for me.

2. My Batman lunchbox holds my acrylic paints. I don’t use them often, but I just love that lunchbox. Next are extra graphite pencils. They are stored in old bandaid boxes, because I thought the tins were hilarious. Yes, bacon and pickle band-aids (courtesy of my BFF for Christmas one year). The little wooden box hold my blending stumps, and the spray cans aren’t paint, but fixative to put over my finished drawings.

3. Brushes. My big foam ones, and then all the rest. Oh, and Mod Podge. Because everyone needs a jar of Mod Podge.


This shelf was originally a mint green color that REALLY didn’t go well in the room. White isn’t perfect, but so much better. It hold all my pens, extra regular pencils, Sharpies, both my paper and fabric scissors, and my Post-Its for my blog planner. The raven box is actually empty; my mum gave it to me and I just love it. Underneath are my Faber-Castell graphite pencil sets (my absolute favorite brand). The pegs hold my (dwindling) washi tape collection. I must order more tape.

And lastly, my favorite part!

inspiration wall

My inspiration wall! I’ve always wanted a wall I could fill with art in the same spot I make art. And now I have it. I love being able to take a break, stretch, and look up at a wall of beautiful work to inspire me! Plus, it’s a really nice push on the discouraging days to look up and think, just keep going.
The piece on the left I commissioned from Sylwia Telari earlier this year. I am so in love with her illustrations, and I am thrilled to have a one-of-a-kind original!!
The prints on the right are two of my faves from Scrawny Girl Shop! Her artwork is just so adorable – I have such a weakness for her stickers too.
The framed print in the middle of the bulletin board was a free printable from Crafteroni & Cheese. Definitely something I need to remember sometimes!
And the bulletin board features art from Lois van Baarle, Lauren Holgate, Alice X. Zhang, Christine Altese, Katarzyna A. Kozłowska, Maja Wronska, and a couple others I can’t remember (but they are all in my DeviantArt favorites). I love layering my bulletin board with images I find inspiring.

Unfortunately, this is where the crappy lighting from the room really shows up in photos. I tried adding more light with my lamp, but the results looked worse. Blargh.

So there you have it! My new space. I love having my own little spot to do art! However, my desk is never that clean. I took these pics right after I finished moving it all and reorganizing, but normally you’ll find my desk like this:

normal desk

Stuff everywhere.

Have you shared your space before? Post a link in the comments, I’d love to check it out.