Fun Fact Friday #3


My head immediately goes to Finding Nemo when I hear someone yell the word bubbles. Then it goes right to Spongebob.

179436 squidward BubblestandTitleCard

Moving on! We love bubbles around here (is there anyone who doesn’t?) and it’s such a great summery activity, I figured I’d make this Fun Fact Friday all about bubbles.

DSC_0058 (7)

First, some bubble facts:

  • Snapping shrimps kill their prey with bubbles. Seriously, it uses bubbles as a weapon. It creates a captivation bubble around it’s prey that immediately collapses. The shock wave from the collapse is momentary, but produces heat nearly as hot as the sun. (This is definitely my favorite fact this week – that is just so cool. . .or hot rather!!)
  • Jarom Watts of the US created the largest free floating soap bubble on February 21, 2009. It had a volume of 483 cubic feet and was made using a wand.
  • When two equal volume bubble join together, their walls become flat due to equalizing pressure on both sides. This makes a square bubble.
  • Sam Heath (aka Sam Sam The Bubble Man’) hold the world record for most people inside a bubble. On march 27, 2006 he fit 19 boys and girls inside a giant bubble.

DSC_0027 (6)
One of my best friends, rocking the giant bubble wand.

I make all our bubble solution – it works so much better than storebought, especially for large bubble blowing! For a batch that fits in a large mason jar (my preferred storage method) simply mix together 3 cups of water, 1 cup of dish soap (we use Dawn), and 1/2 cup corn syrup. Stir it gently, then get ready to blow some big bubbles!

DSC_0029 (7)   DSC_0042 (6)
Behold the wonder of bubbles!