Life in Photos #5

What a week. This week began with me feeling super excited about getting portraits and projects done. . .and turned into a giant week of sickness for me and my daughter (I’m sure the hubs will catch it soon!). And somehow it’s already Friday. Yikes! All energy this week was dedicated to mustering through daily housework, so needless to say not much in the way of projects got done. But one week of squandering all free time vegged out on the couch with a book or TV isn’t the end of the world. And yesterday I did manage to make a serious dent in redoing my arts and crafts area! I also didn’t get ANY blog work done. I have a few new series to start once my revamp is complete, and I’ve been trying to get the posts written ahead of time so all pre-work will be taken care of. My main series I’m working on – Indie Shopping Features & Reviews! Can’t wait to start posting those.

What we’ve been up to on this big sick week.

Life In Photos 5
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1: Dinosaurs have been my little missy’s favorite toy this week!
2: My two kitty boys (Eli and Edgar) being snuggle buddies. My daughter asked me this week, “Is Edgar sick too? ‘Cause he rests a LOT.” Child perspective of things cracks me up.
3: My husband had to have a tooth pulled this week. Combine that with me and the little miss being sick and there was some serious movie time and couch lazing happening.
4: I have been managing to keep up with my daily journaling for 2014! I know it’s only seventeen days in, but I haven’t missed a day yet.

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