Daughter’s Big Girl Room Reveal!

Ages ago I posted about redoing some rooms in our house, and this past weekend her birthday party occurred and we FINALLY got to put together my little girl’s new big girl room! I’ve been assembling bits and pieces of the room for months, and I am so excited that it’s finally here! Since she turned three, we decided to upgrade her nursery to a big girl room, complete with a brand new big girl bed.

We opted not to make this a complete surprise. She knew she was getting a new room, and a new big girl bed, but had no idea what was going into it. I think it would have been to much to come home from a sleepover at Mimi’s the day of her birthday party and have her entire room GONE with no warning. But she was thrilled with the idea of having a big girl bed and a new room and boy did she love it. She was literally shaking with excitement, wearing the biggest grin I’ve ever seen!

corner area before and after


The quilt on her bed we had handmade by D. Rix Creations. I really wanted her to grow up with a one-of-a-kind quilt that was made just for her, and she got one! There will be an Indie Shopping Feature (a new series on the blog coming soon!) post about the quilt, so I’m not going to get into it too much here other than to say I love it, and totally want one for myself now!

DSC_0028 (2)

dresser before and after

I went with a lilac purple for the main room color – very girly and feminine without having PINK everywhere. I’m not a huge pink fan, so I was looking to stray away from that color. The accent colors in the room were based on the colors in the quilt so it would be cohesive.



I stripped and repainted her dresser, and then repainted her bookshelf to match. This was first time I’ve ever redone any furniture and I am SO HAPPY with the results! They came out exactly the way I wanted, which almost never happens on your first try, especially with DIY!

Bookshelf corner before and after


DSC_0032 (2)

DSC_0014 (2)

I painted all her wall art myself, and the bulletin board with the photos I got at a yard sale for $1 and repainted to match.


This dollhouse came from my mother – she got it at a yard sale and I scrubbed it up into tip top shape. Good old vintage 80’s Fisher Price! My daughter loves it – I think I like the camper with it best of all!



Her new bed was a birthday present from Grandma (assembled by my super hubby and friends who came to help with the big setup!!). I added some photos from our family pictures this year, along with some book collections and some of my favorite toy decorations from her old room. The mirror was made for her by her great grandfather and her name blocks I snagged from her block set and painted!

I am totally in love with her new room. It came out just the way I wanted, which really makes me happy as I am not at all confident in my interior decorating ability.


And best of all, my little miss loves it!

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From Nursery To Big Girl Room: Part 1 {of many}

If you saw my previous post about our home redo, we are fully revamping two rooms in our apartment: our daughter’s room and the living room. We are working on them simultaneously¬† so I decided to split up the redo posts into the two rooms. Given that we want my daughter’s room finished by the end of this year, hers is the focus at the moment.

So right now I am in the very beginning stages. I (heartbreakingly) tore off her nursery border of wallpaper, then spackled and painted all the walls to their new color (which is White on White by Glidden in case you wanted to know). Her walls are completely bare which makes her room look really empty, but she doesn’t seem to mind! Next up is the furniture painting.



Firstly, the dresser.


This dresser was my mother’s. She’s had it since she was about seventeen and living in Alaska. I love it. I love it’s look, it’s wood stain, all of it. However, it no longer goes with my daughter’s room. So with her permission I’m stripping it down to repaint it. I will also probably update the drawer pulls, though I may just paint them too – we’ll have to see.

Waiting to be stripped! . . .That sounded far more awkward than I intended. . .

The second major thing right now is this chair.


I know it’s ugly. I know it’s ripping. But it is THE MOST COMFORTABLE recliner I’ve ever sat it. No joke. Plus, it’s fully reclines so you can lay down in it. And since it’s huge, it’s basically like having a recliner/twin bed. I could not have lived without this chair when my daughter was an infant. I hate rocking chairs – they make me super nauseous ever since I hit my adult years. But this chair was so perfect for nursing, or snuggling when she was sick, or those rough teething nights (which we were lucky enough to only have one or two of!). You may be getting that I love this chair.

That being said, it’s freaking giant. It takes up a huge amount of space in her room, and she doesn’t need it in there anymore. But I’m not at the point where I can bring myself to get rid of it’s ugly, ripped self so we are cramming it into our master bedroom until I can find a spot it fits! Both the hubs and I agreed that until we are done having children we are not getting rid of the chair (he loves it as much as I do).

Those are my current projects! I’m also hoping to get a few wall art pieces finished this week for her room. More posts about it in the coming weeks!

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