Hiking Mt. Morgan

Living in the mid part of New Hampshire lends itself to the spectacular opportunity of having sprawling mountain ranges a hop, skip and a jump away. We are about 15 minutes out from some really great trails. Rattlesnake Trail is a great family friendly one (only about 30 minutes to the top, not too steep) – we do it often with our little miss. She’s been doing it since last year in fact, when she was only 18 months old! Though Daddy had to carry her about halfway up. Now she can do all but the big rock steps to the summit – they are just too tall so she has to be lifted up them!

This past weekend I did the Mt. Morgan trail for the first time with my best friend. It was most certainly a step up from Rattlesnake. It’s only a two mile trail, but a lot of it is extremely steep, and there a lots of obstacles.

Right before the summit the trail splits and you have the option to hike to the top, or veer and take the cliff route up, which means rock climbing. We opted for the rock climbing version as my best friend had already done it and assured me it was nothing too crazy (aka, I didn’t need actual rock climbing skills, which I don’t have!). It was incredible. Though terrifying. But incredible! First you climb up some ladders, which was a bit stressful in itself – you have to do a horizontal cross to a new ladder while you’re up on a rock face; it was intimidating. Then you go through this awesome little rock cave and come out. . .on the cliff face of the mountain. You’re on this little rock ledge looking down at an absolutely amazing view. And then you realize you still have to climb up the rest of the rock face to get to the summit. But that part is very short – I had a mini freak out session when I realized I did actually have to climb up open face rocks with no safety ropes, lines, or anything to save me other than my own grip. But I did it, and it was exhilarating. I love heights.

The view from the top was stunning. Completely. Stunning. (See the photo at the top if the ones below aren’t enough!)


So beautiful!

We hung out at the top for awhile, just resting and taking it all in. Also snapping some pictures of the wildlife that was hanging about.

DSC_0029   DSC_0017

This little guy hung out for awhile, and posed every so nicely for me on that branch!

And this little grasshopper makes the loudest clicking noise when he jumps!

This guy was just basking in his own little halo of sunlight.

The hike down was so easy compared to the up. It felt like it took half the time and effort! But it was so much fun I have now convinced my hubby that he has to come with us for our next trip (he was at home with the little miss), and hopefully my brother and his girlfriend will come too! Hopefully I’ll snag some more pictures, especially of the cliff route up.

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