Fun Fact Friday & Raspberry Picking

Raspberry picking is one of my absolute favorite parts of summer. There is nothing better than seeing endless rows of berries ripe and ready to eat. It also helps that raspberries are not only my favorite berry, but also my favorite fruit. They are just delicious.


So naturally, now that picking season has started me and my little miss packed up with Mimi and headed down to a local farm for picking!


DSC_0012  DSC_0005
Pick, pick, picking.

She was very excited to find this little mushroom.

And now, since it is Fun Fact Friday, some facts about raspberries.

  • The tiny hairs on raspberries are called ‘styles’.
  • Greek mythology says that raspberries were all once white. One day a nymph was picking berries for Zeus and pricked her finger on a thorn, staining them red with her blood forever.
  • Raspberries have historically been associated with pregnancy and childbirth – Native Americans believed the juice from raspberries would help with nausea and complications during birth.
  • Raspberries come in many colors, including red, purple, black, and gold.

I generally don’t bake with my raspberries – odd, I know, since I do love to bake. But I really like them just plain, by themselves, from the fridge. Yum, yum, YUM!


I do, however, freeze my raspberries. This year my goal is to (mostly) fill my freezer with them so they last well into the winter. They are one of my little misses favorite desserts, but they are so just SO expensive from the the store, especially in the off season. And they never taste as good as freshly picked.  We spread them out on cookie sheets to freeze them, then load them into baggies or containers and they last for months that way. My little girl loves them frozen, so hopefully we’ll have enough to last awhile. As of this post I’ve already picked 6 pints. I think we’ll get in one more trip before the end of the season though.

So many rows of berries – yum!

Do you enjoy berry picking in the summer season?

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