Life In Photos #11

It feels so nice to be taking pictures constantly again. Towards the end of the winter season I felt like I was hardly taking pictures at all, and I missed it. Lately, I’ve been taking so many pictures I don’t even know which ones to choose from! It’s nice to be able to look back through my folders and have the days documented in photos.


I’ve decided I’m doing a personal series of my daughter with the black and white photo and only her boots in color. I love them. And since she wears these boots all the time (they’re her favorite), I like seeing the places they go! Might have to dedicate a living section to some prints at the end of the year.


I’m so happy our bird feeder is being used! It’s so nice to sit in the morning having my cup of tea, with my little in my lap as we watch the birds together. And luckily one of my best friends is (what I consider) a bird expert so she can identify all the birds in my photos for me, just for extra fun!


This new teacup is rocking my world.


Edgar loves to watch us out the window when we’re outside. However, he is terrified of the outdoors. Our bigger cat, Eli, is the adventurer of the two!


We’ve been working on getting the miss less afraid of bugs. It’s been going really well! She loves learning all the different kinds. It’s a bit blurred in this photo, but she has a little beetle crawling on her hand and she was so excited about it! She dubbed it her ‘little beetle friend’ and every day since she has looked for it when we go outside!

What were you up to this week?