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I’m really excited for this week’s 5 Fandom Friday topic (hosted by The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick):

My Favorite Holiday Songs To Spread Cheer!

Why am I so excited for this topic? It gives me a reason to fangirl about one of my absolute favorite musical groups – Pentatonix. I’ve never been one that’s too over-the-top about Christmas music. My mum had this one CD we listened to every single year while decorating the tree, and therefore it always give me nostalgic feels, but that’s about it. Until Pentatonix released their first Christmas CD, PTXMas. I absolutely love a capella music, and PTX just takes it to a whole new level, even just for Christmas music. This year they released a second album, That’s Christmas To Me (which is an original Christmas song they wrote!) and it’s fabulous. Below are my top five faves of theirs, which I’ve been obsessed with lately.

1. Mary Did You Know. I’d never even heard of this Christmas song prior to hearing their version and it’s just SO BEAUTIFUL. The harmonies!! My ears can’t take it. Despite being not at all religious, I often find very religious Christmas music to be the most beautiful, and this rings true here.

2. Silent Night (Live). GOOD LORD THE HARMONIES. I die. Just so achingly beautiful. Also, I couldn’t imagine just being able to create such beautiful music at the drop of a hat like this. Extraordinary.

3. Carol of the Bells. This song is actually my all time favorite Christmas song, and this version is amazing.

4. That’s Christmas To Me. Not only is the fact that it’s an original Christmas song cool, but I love the harmonies (are you sensing a theme here??) and it just fills me with the holiday feels.

5. Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy. Another excellent Christmas song (I’ve always wanted to see this ballet!) and I love this version. Slightly dark and creepy, even without the video, and I like that take on it. Plus, I am astounded at how amazing people can sound when they are basically just singing versions of ‘da’ and ‘dum’ over and over.

When I’m listening to non-Pentatonix Christmas music, I tend to favor pretty traditional Christmas music, either instrumental or choir type. No pop stuff here (in fact, even some of PTX’s ‘poppier’ Christmas stuff I struggle with).

What’s your favorite Christmas song, or type of holiday music?

Links to the Past

I have been doing a lot of window shopping online for stuff this week, and the links reflect that. Ever since our budget crackdown after buying my new car we definitely don’t have fun money to throw around anymore, so my indie purchases have taken a nosedive. But I’ve been having fun browsing for things I’d love to have instead!

Hyrule crest

  • Pentatonix released a new video this week, and as usual it’s amazing. (If you’re not up on Pentatonix, check out this post). I’m not a huge fan of the rap break down in the middle, simply because I’m not a huge rap fan, period. But I do love the build it has, into the beautiful harmony of the next chorus. Also, you can pre-order their new EP on iTunes! It comes out September 23rd, and I’m squeeing about it already.
  • This video game armor logic image cracked me up. Luckily, this seems to be less of problem in games like Skyrim, but I feel like in fighting games, women still wear the most ridiculous ‘battle outfits’ ever created.
  • My little might start preschool this year, and I want to get her every single one of these backpacks. Having a different backpack for every day of the month is totally normal, right? Right.

Here’s your weekly does of Zelda!

Love this Zelda baseball tee from Koala Art & Design!


On Saturday, April 5th, I was lucky enough to be able to meet some people I really admire – Pentatonix. If you don’t know who they are, I recommend heading over to Youtube immediately and watching every video they’ve ever posted. They are an a capella group unlike anything I’ve ever heard. I could rave about them ’til the cows come home, but I’ll just let the videos speak (sing?) for themselves. Here are a few of my faves:

I am constantly in awe of what they can produce with just voice. Each voice in so unique, yet they blend seamlessly together. And yes, they sound JUST like this live – it is not editing that makes them sound so amazing, just pure talent. But enough fangirling – on to the point of this post!

Teamed up with my BFF, we headed down to House of Blues in Boston for their show. I had seen PTX twice before this particular concert (once at UNH before their massive success, and then last year at House of Blues as well) but this year was special. We’d purchased VIP tickets to actually MEET them, and most importantly (to me at least!) get my drawings of them signed!


Pentatonix: Daft Punk

Couldn’t wait to get them signed!

When I first got my tickets I was massively excited (duh). As the day drew closer, excitement started to be replaced with a massive amount of nerves, and my anxiety brain running in overtime, to the tune of “WHY DID I THINK THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?! HOW AM I GOING TO SHOW THEM MY ART AND NOT FREAK OUT?!?!” But, I did it. And it was so worth it.

We arrived, went to soundcheck (they sang to us live without all the show bells and whistles of lights and choreography – it was amazing), then got our photo taken with them.


Can you tell I’m crazy excited?! 

Then it was time to queue up for the signing. At which point I was freaking out a bit in my head. And probably sweating more than I do all year. I seriously put on deodorant about three times before we left, just for this reason. Yup.

When we got up there, I stammered out that I had drawn some things for them to sign (one for me and one for my BFF), handed them over, and then I am lost in a world of fangirl!! They loved them, said I shouldn’t be nervous as they were awesome, and I about died from excitement. I thanked them about a thousand times, and pretty much floated for the rest of the evening.


I decided to keep this one, as it was the first one I drew, and I’m really proud of it.


This one is for my BFF, and it was the one she chose anyway!

The show itself was amazing (not surprising in the least) and even made my cry during ‘Run To You’. I can’t handle the harmonies in that song – total goosebumps and overwhelming emotion; music does that to me sometimes. I was also blown away at what they sang – their setlist was full of the most complicated songs they do. And they rocked the shit out of it. Hopefully they’ll be back again next year, since we’ve decided it’s now a yearly thing to go see them. We’re three for three so far!

It was an amazing night. It was so worth the splurge to be able to show them my work and get them signed. Knocked one of my big goals off of my B.I.G. List (which I really need to update more!) that’s for sure!

And just one more vid. Enjoy!




I don’t know where the time goes. I blinked and it was October, blinked again and it’s already a week into November. But I have been busy busy! Mostly with art. My muse has apparently taken full time residence with me, which I am 100% okay with. I’ve been getting tons done, and even more exciting, I’m loving the work I’m doing! I know that sounds a little silly, but there is nothing like finishing a piece and being proud of what you’ve done. Plus, seeing my skills improve in my drawing is such a good feeling.

Unfortunately, I can’t post TOO much of what I’ve been drawing here as they are mostly Christmas presents for people! But I can post a few, so here they are.

DRAWtoberfest The Kiss
‘The Kiss’
Drawn for a twitter sketch party I was partaking in (#DRAWtoberfest, at the time).

DSC_0003 (3)
Finally finished this commission! Client decided on adding the phrase at the bottom, and while it was originally going to be a wedding present for her soon-to-be wife, she decided she can’t wait and is giving it to her for Christmas instead!
(Note: I received permission from the client to post this on my blog.)

DSC_0032 (2)
The final piece of wall art for my daughter’s big girl room upgrade (which I am SO excited for! Only another month until the big redo!).

DSC_0010 (3)
Fellow blogger Polly of This Enchanted Pixie was kind enough to let me draw an adorable photo of her daughter in this wonderful handmade knit hat! I always feel odd asking people if I can draw their photos, but so far no one has thought I’m a crazy weirdo. I’m quite proud of this piece, as that hat was a big challenge but I’m pleased with the result!
(Note: I received permission from Polly to post this on my blog and other social media.)

DSC_0002 (2)
And lastly, this piece of the AMAZING a capella group, Pentatonix. I am REALLY proud of this piece as it turned out exactly as I was visualizing in my head. I’m especially happy with how Kevin turned out (all the way to the right, with the cello). I was expecting him to be the hardest to draw given that his features were heavily shadowed, and not only did he come together the easiest, but I LOVE the shading! And in case being happy with this piece wasn’t enough, I posted it on Twitter and Scott Hoying (fourth in the from the left) saw it, and faved it! Cue nerd-gasm of amazingly talented famous person seeing my artwork of him and his own band, and liking it. Day. Made.

Also, my hubby, being fabulous, agreed to let me do a MAJOR splurge for my birthday next April so now I have a VIP TICKET to go see Pentatonix which means I CAN GET THE DRAWING SIGNED!
Needless to say, me and my art have been having a grand ole time lately. And so far, it seems to be holding strong!
And now, a shameless plug for my art:
If you like what you see, please head over to my Facebook page and give it a like! Pencil and Paper
Commissions will be re-opened sometime in January 2014, so keep it in mind if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind gift.

I think I’ll be giving blogging the backseat for a bit, at least until after the holidays. This is crunch time for me to get presents made, and half of what I make I can’t share online. Which also applies to most of the fun projects and crafts I’ll be doing with my little miss. Lately I’ve been scouring other blogs for inspiration on what to blog about since I don’t have any particular projects I can share lately. So I’ll still be around, just on a smaller scale than my normal three posts a week. I’m thinking about a re-vamp in 2014. . .we’ll have to see what I have time for. See you around blog land!

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A Throwback Thursday

Do you remember my post about my art from awhile back? Well, luckily my mom is absolutely fabulous and has saved basically ALL of my childhood art. So we trekked into my Grandmother’s attic searching through boxes of my old art so I can show you these gems:

DSC_0049 (2) DSC_0050
Yay for some Sailor Moon love! I was obsessed back then. . .

Some of my first ever ‘serious’ drawings, by which I mean I had taken a real interest in drawing at this point. These are all from when I was 11. So much fun to go back and look!

Currently, I’ve got three works going – first is this commission for two lovely ladies. It’s going to be a wedding present from the woman on the left to her soon-to-be wife!


Then I have my just-for-fun piece. It’s a montage/poster of Pentatonix (the most AMAZING a capella group ever – go YouTube them immediately if you’ve never heard of them; you will not be disappointed!) My refs for this one were all screen grabs I took from their Radioactive video with Lindsey Stirling. I just loved the costumes in it, and that they all look totally badass! New life goal once it’s finished: someday meet them so they can sign it.


And then I just started a new piece for a contest on DeviantArt. The contest is called ‘Nightmares’ and if my piece goes according to plan it will be my first ever self-portrait. . .and there will be spiders. Freaking out a little bit about drawing them as I truly get uncomfortable just looking at pictures of them. AHHHHHH. *Deep breaths* I can do it!

So with all of that, plus some wall art paintings for my daughter’s room, I have some serious art on my hands this week! Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Until next time,

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