Indie Shopping and the 1AM Promise

The title of this post reminds me of an 80’s band name. I bet they’d have a sweet power ballad. And I know today is supposed to be a Fun Fact Friday, but I had NOTHING prepared (failure on my part, sorry!) plus I’m SUPER excited for this post so FFF will have to wait!

ANYwho, this post is going to showcase some of the sweet indie buys I’ve gotten recently. Which ties directly into the other part of this post, the 1AM Promise. What is that, you ask? If you think along the lines of my brain, you may be picturing some task that you swear to do at 1 o’clock in the morning. . .’cause that’s exactly what I though when I first saw this button:

In reality, the 1AM Promise has to do with indie shopping! It was started on IAmTheLab – a really cool blog showcasing tons of indie shops and artisans. 1AM stands for 1 A Month, meaning you promise to purchase one item a month from an indie business. It can be big, small, from an online shop or a booth at a craft fair or farmers market – as long as it’s from an indie biz. I really like this, as it’s a way to jump into indie shopping without feeling overwhelmed (which I often feel browsing the night away on Storenvy. There is just SO MUCH to look at).  It also suits my budget which is always a plus. I feel it’s a cause worth supporting and I like having the button on my posts because it’s a constant reminder to me to really think about what I’m purchasing. Great, right?

And now, onto the goodies!! These are my (AWESOME) indie purchases from June until now.

First up, my new mason jar mug hug and bag (now pencil case) from Zeeuh. I’d heard of Zeeuh via Tanya over at Mystic Eyed Rambler, and I liked the products in the shop. I was loving the mason jar mug hug, for camping especially. Then when she posted these new summer bags, I new I had to have one for my drawing supplies! Before they were housed in a falling-apart plastic baggie, and my tin for my graphite pencils. Now everything fits in this beautiful new bag!


My mason jar mug for on the go, and my new pencil case. Loving them!

The quality is great, and the material colors are even more vibrant than in her shop photos. I highly recommend her products – plus I got this sweet thank you note with my purchase! Seriously, how awesome is that?!


Earlier in June I stopped by the opening day of the farmers market I was a vendor at last year to support my friends who are selling there! I stopped by Bubble and Flame Soap and Candle Company’s booth and got his heavenly smelling soy candle.


In this photo it’s halfway gone, and at this point it’s down to a quarter left. I just can’t NOT keep it lit, it makes my kitchen smell so good! Also, I swear by her body butters – my favorite is Black Amber and Lavender. It’s just divine smelling.

And lastly, my absolute favorite thing I’ve gotten so far has got to be my new GLORIOUS custom mechanical pencil from Mystic Eye Creations. I CAN. NOT. WAIT. to start drawing with it! Originally I was going to use it as my special ‘commissions pencil’, but I’m not going to be able to resist drawing everything with it!

Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL!! Just stop a minute and take in all it’s glory.

I had to get the amazing case to go with it as well – it holds both my pencil and the pen I bought from them last year (which is my designated journaling pen).

Tucked in it’s case with my pen.

The case, all closed up.

I seriously can’t get over the pencil. As in I take it out just to look at it sometimes. Especially in the sun, where the blues just catch all the light. I seriously can’t recommend this business more for their amazing products and service.

And those are my newest indie treasures! There will certainly be more posts showcasing my indie buys, so keep an eye out in the future.

Have you bought anything indie lately? I’d love to see/hear about it!

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