Life In Photos #15

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend! Mine was filled with family, fun, and food! Just the way I like it. Got some yummy recipe posts for later in the week too. For now, a photo catch-up.

Fourth dress

In her dress for the fourth!


Despite this picture being blurry and not well framed, I still love it. I love seeing the looks of joy on my favorite two people!

in the lake

lake with daddy

wrapped up

Beach trips! The water is still too chilly for me, but the miss just runs on in. Luckily Daddy is willing to go with her!

drying herbs

My herbs are doing great! Right now I’ve got oregano and basil up on the drying line. The oregano is actually ready to crush and get bottled. Also, pardon my chicken scratch menu board there. 😀


She’s such a serious painter.

reading to stuffies

Reading to her stuffies during quiet time.

candle stalactites

I always pack candles when camping, and I love the wax stalactites that taper candles make!

floor nap

Sometimes quiet time turns into a nap.

I guess I was pretty child focused with this weeks bunch! What can I say, I just love taking photos of her. I think I’m going to start finding some prompts to follow along with (besides #creativedaily) – maybe even a new photo challenge! Do you participate in one?