Video Game Blog Challenge: Questions 4 – 6

Back with more gaming questions and anwers!

4. My Guilty Pleasure Game

I’m gonna go with the Little Big Planet games. The ‘guilty’ part doesn’t come from the actual gameplay, but the amount of time I spent customizing my Sackboy (Sackgirl really). Basically every time I unlocked new costume pieces (aka, pretty much every level) I’d have to redesign. There were just so many fun and cute options!! I even bought, as in with REAL MONEY, custom costume packs for my Sackgirl.


As for current guilty pleasure games, I am so addicted to this game on my phone called Meow Meow Star Acres. I originally got it for my little miss to play if we were ever in a situation and my phone were the only entertainment (normally Mummy’s phone is 100% off limits unless she’s talking to someone, in which case I hold it. I don’t quite trust my three year old with it yet). But anywho, I was testing out the game for her, and of course got totally sucked in to all it’s pointlessness. Brief overview: You run an island with little kitties who grow and harvest crops, take care of animals, and make food to sell to other kitties on the island. So addicting. Plus, there is super silly stuff just for fun. As in, I just got my kitties a trampoline so in their spare time they can go bounce and be happy. Oy. But they are just so damn CUTE! Who can resist such little kawaii kitties?!


5. A Game Character I Feel I Am Most Like, or Wish I Was

There really aren’t any game characters I directly relate to in my life. I’d need a female protag who makes art and stays home with her adorable daughter and cats. So some Sims gal maybe??? As for characters I wish I were like? That’s an easy one.

Jade, from Beyond Good and Evil (more on this game later in the challenge). I was so impressed by Jade when I first played. She’s a total badass, who runs an orphanage, loves to take pictures, AND takes on a big government conspiracy. Yes. Sign me up.


Also, FemShep from Mass Effect. My FemShep was obviously modeled on what I’d like to be. But really, even the generic FemShep qualities are pretty nifty – great leadership skills, integrity, her own SHIP. Did I mentions she’s also a badass? I’ll take it. I have a weakness for BAMFy females, as I don’t consider myself to be a physically strong tough chick and would secretly kind of like to be one.


6. Most Annoying Character

Two popped into my head instantly.

Navi, your fairy from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Her bothersome, nagging, cringe-worthy voice (HEY!! LISTEN!!) is still a source of anger when I replay OoT. I KNOW I NEED TO GO TO THE FIRE TEMPLE, BITCH. She is intended to be a helpful reminder in case you get lost, or can’t figure out where to go next. But unfortunately, she chimes in when she wants to, even if you need no help at all. And you can’t turn her off. Resulting in rage that makes me want to table flip.


Equally obnoxious is Ashley from Resident Evil 4. RE4 was a fantastic game. But the mechanic of having to protect Ashley truly made me want to throw my controller at my television. Full out game rage. Oh, there are zombies up ahead? PLEASE, RUN RIGHT TOWARDS THEM. NO, DON’T HELP ME SHOOT THEM OR ANYTHING, JUST COWER IN THE CORNER UNTIL YOU GET EATEN. THAT’S SO HELPFUL. It got to the point where my friend and I, who were each playing the game, no longer referred to her as just Ashley but always Useless Tool Ashley. And still do.

Ashley--RE4--resident-evil-722340_613_1024I’m using the questions from the Video Game Blog Challenge found here. All screenshots/photos you see are found via a basic Google image search. Copyrighted to their respective owners.