Life In Photos #26

Last week I only had a few photos to share, and this week I have tons!! The week was so beautiful that we spent a ton of time outside, and I just kept finding things to photograph! So to start off, here are some of my favorite nature pictures from this week.






honey bee

That last one of the honeybee is my favorite of the week! I’ve been dying to get some close up bee shots, and I finally got a bunch this week. Yay! Anywho, moving on to daily life photos.

kitty snuggles

My cats almost never sit together, so this was a big surprise!


Smoothie + sprawling on the toy box. . .is there a better way to watch a show?

grasshopper split

My daughter absolutely loves bugs. She loved watching this grasshopper do splits in her little bug house! He was pretty happy to be let go. 😉


We took a trip to IKEA this week and my little was quite happy to learn to use an allen wrench and help put together a new little nightstand!

apple picking

Yesterday we went apple picking (one of my favorite fall activities!) and my little was so excited to be strong enough to carry the apple bucket! For a little while at least haha. I can’t wait to bake so many apple yummies!

Instagram RoundUp


Clockwise from top left. . .

1. Eli loves to snuggle UNDER this particular blanket.
2. This restaurant (Mr. Mac’s) is amazing. They make the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had, and have SO many varieties.
3. We are trying to get back into regular board game nights with friends again – played some Eldritch Horror for this round!
4. I started a new drawing just for me! I’ll have more done in time for WIP Wednesday, but I’m really liking it so far!

I’ve got even more pics if you can believe it, but I’m saving them for a fall post in October. I just love how beautiful autumn is! In fact, today I’m off to take even more outdoor pics – we’ve got some new places to explore!

Life In Photos #21

light through trees

I love taking morning walks with my little miss, especially as the weather cool and autumn approaches. Watching the sun silhouette the tress is such a lovely way to start the day!


She loves to collect feathers we find on our walks. We love walking up to a little farm nearby, and she trades feathers with the woman who owns it! So cute.


Love these little flowers – they grow everywhere along the roads up here. And so fragrant for such tiny blooms.


Spotted this growing over a rock wall and it was so beautiful! I love the leaves that look like lily pads.


All our carrots were ready to harvest this past week! They turned out great. Some were a bit tiny, but most of them were about 5-6 inches long and very hearty. Yum!

wagon pull

It’s been awhile since I posted some black and whites! I have a few from this wagon ride (though this one with the hubs pulling and her laughing face makes me smile the most!) but I didn’t want to bombard you with all of them. I’m thinking of going in and putting the red wagon back in color – I love reds that pop on a black and white photo!

Instagram RoundUp


Going clockwise…

1. Love my snuggle cat.
2. It is so fabulous that my daughter is old enough to do art WITH me, meaning we can each work on an independent project together. On this particular day, we took over the table with collage things and my paints!
3. Milkshakes were a spur of the moment fabulous decision.
4. Yesterday we took a trip to Boston to visit my brother and take my little miss on her first trip to The New England Aquarium! Expect a photo-heavy post on that this week.


Preschool Homeschool Update + Fun Preschooler Craft

DSC_0021 (2)

As much as I love doing preschool homeschool with my little miss, it has totally fallen apart in the last two weeks! Well really, I’ve fallen apart with it. Between being out and about way more than usual in those weeks, and then trying to play catch up with life at home, it fell right through the cracks.

At first, I was really upset. I filled my journal with some pretty angsty mom woe entries to the tune of: Am I failing as a mum? Am I letting her down? Will she never make it in school because I forgot some Goldfish activities?! It was at that point I took a step back, and allowed logic to kick in. She is only three. She is already quite smart. Two weeks of not following my plan doesn’t. Matter. One. Bit. And considering she doesn’t have a clue there is a plan to follow, it certainly isn’t phasing her any!

So now, with the anxiety out of the way, I’m ready to try again starting this week! This time knowing that if it doesn’t happen every day, that’s okay too. Yesterday kicked off our ‘Animals’ week, and she loved out activity. Prior to this week, when I was ‘off plan’, I just did some basic learning activities with her when time allotted. We’ve worked on letter sounds, days of the week, and other simple things.

Since the weather has been warmer we’ve finally been able to walk outside daily again! She loves to take ‘treasure walks’ which means we bring one of her beach pails with us, and she fills it with rocks, leaves, pine cones, and anything else that suits her fancy along the way. Since our bucket was getting a little full, I figured why not DO something with all that stuff? And thus, the Treasure Sculpture was born.



She was absolutely thrilled to put these together! I manned the hot glue gun, and she told me exactly where to put the glue, and stuck on every piece herself. The pride was oozing out of her as she placed each piece. She was so focused in her work. I so wished I had waited until the hubs was home so he man the glue gun and I could have taken photos! But there will be other times. These beauties will have a place of honor in the garden this year!

I really liked this activity as it gave her a taste of sculpture, which we’ve never really done before. And like her drawings and paintings, she definitely still favors abstract. It’s very rare that she sits down and tries to draw something specific; she tends to make spirals, or spikes in different patterns around the paper. I don’t encourage either way – I just let her go with it!

I’ll definitely be incorporating these kind of sculptures in our Art Week!

Until next time,