February Goals

Monday morning again! Today is a rather special Monday for me as I have the entire house to myself! My little miss had a sleepover at Mimi’s house, and the hubs is off to work, so until six o’clock tonight when they return, I have a full day for ME! The possibilities are endless. . .but in reality I’m planning on spending them doing lots of work for my new blog layout and some more work on a portrait I have started. Plus a grocery shopping/post office trip in there somewhere.

But given that it’s a new month, I like to take a few minutes and think about what I want to accomplish. My brain is such a disorganized jumble of chaos sometimes that if I truly want to get things done, I have to write it down as a list. Otherwise I bounce back and forth to new projects often and end up with a bunch of half finished (or barely started) creations. Not really what I’m going for. So this month I’d like to:

  • ‘Re-launch’ my blog with it’s new custom layout! The coding is taking a bit longer than anticipated with my designer (which is still at least less than half the time it would take if I did it myself!) so my original plans have been pushed slightly. Not a big deal, as it gives me more time to prep new series’ I’m starting, and perfect the little things like my new widgets and pages. So by the end of February, I definitely want it up and running!
  • Finish three portraits. This can include commissions. I have a LOT of portraits that I’d like to get done (some for a new blog series!) and I’d like to keep working steadily on them. In this same vein, I’d like to get at least one commission for the month of February.
  • Complete each day of the #dailyzoodle! What is that you ask? Instead of a photo-a-day, it’s a doodle-a-day! Only, it’s a doodle of a zoo animal, which makes it a zoodle! This project was started by Danielle over at Squshies. Click the link to get the list for each day! I’m so excited for this little project. My usual art focus is detailed portraits, so not only is this a different subject matter, I love having the freedom to just DOODLE. I’m taking a cartoony aspect with mine, since it’s a style I rarely draw in. Here’s day one and two! Feel free to join in on the fun!

DSC_0025 DSC_0025

My last ‘goal’ for February is really only a maybe, and that is ‘Get a smart phone’. I am still living in the dark ages without one. And it’s completely by choice. I’m a stay-at-home mom, I don’t NEED a smart phone! I have 24 hour access to my computer, which I would much prefer to use over a tiny phone screen. And I can’t justify dropping a couple hundred dollars on one, just to say that I have one. But lately, it’s become more appealing. With more trips planned in the future, and not always wanting to haul my big ole Nikon with me on every single outing, having the GPS and an okay camera seems like a plus. So we’ll see. If I earn enough with commissions to pay for it that way, maybe it’ll happen this month, but I’m still not in a rush.

What are your goals for February?

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