Blogger Portrait #5: Meet Sarah of Chase Photography!

This weeks blogger portrait is a unique one. It’s the first blog that has a dedicated focus – photography!

Meet Sarah, of Chase Photography.

DSC_0001 (2)

My 8B pencils were not happy with me after this one! But I really like how it turned out. The photo ref had a lot shadows that were a little intimidating to render, but it all worked out!

Sarah’s blog is focused on photography, and many different aspects of it. She specializes in child/family photography, and besides showcasing her own (beautiful) work, she shares lots of different photo tips! Everything from ways to photograph little ones, to outfit tips, and even makeup tips (which I am always happy to learn more about!)

She also has posts about her daily life with her son and even the occasional yummy healthy recipe. Why do I love it? Really, my favorite part is seeing her photos. They are so gorgeous. It is rare that I don’t see one of her photos and immediately want to draw it. In fact, on a couple occasions, I have! She posts photos from her sessions all the time, and I love browsing through them!

Sarah and I actually knew each other back in gradeschool, and have since reconnected through the magic of Facebook. She too has a little one, and we’ve had a couple playdates with our kiddos! Sarah ended up snapping some photos when they came up for a visit, and the results are just gorgeous!


I love black and white photography!

Going into it, I didn’t think she was going to get any good ones (shows what I know!). My miss isn’t too into picture taking at the moment, and was so not into sitting still or doing anything. But Sarah still managed to capture some great ones, including my new favorite picture of my daughter.


Stunning! Although I’m probably a little biased. So go stop by Chase Photography, browse some beautiful photographs, and leave some love!

Another blogger portrait next Monday!