Blogger Portrait #6: Meet Cody of Daft Crafts

I am so excited for this week’s portrait! So without further ado. . .

Meet Cody of Daft Crafts!

DSC_0002 (2)

My excitement stems from a few things. First, I really love this portrait. I had a blast doing it, and the hair color is so fabulous. Love that color blue. Plus, it’s just a piece I’m proud of! It was a first in that the facial shading is minimal, and I really like the result.

Also, I love this blog. Daft Crafts focuses on indie shopping, promoting handmade, and helping out other makers, which I think is just fantastic! There are many shops and products I’ve found via their features, and maker guest posts/interviews. There are also tutorials for so many things, from crafts to website help! It’s just an all around great blog.

Daft Crafts has an amazing weekly series called #happyhandmade, where she showcases handmade items from many different indie shops. The series is in it’s fifty-seventh week! I find so many items to add on my Storenvy and Etsy wishlists from this series.

The other thing I love about this blog is the blogger behind it! I’ve never met Cody in real life, but she seems pretty amazing. We’ve corresponded before, and trust me, she’s an all around fabulous person. Always willing to help, and give advice when asked. She is always encouraging other makers, and being a cheerleader for handmade. How can you go wrong? She also just happens to own an indie business herself – an awesome company called Lu & Ed. She makes Mon-stors, a totally unique, one of a kind storage system for books, toys, anything your kid can fit! How cool is that? Plus they are all made from upcycled fabrics so they are super eco friendly. Besides the main Mon-stors, Lu & Ed offers different varieties from Tooth Pillow Mon-stors, to Gadget Mon-stors for all your electronic needs. I personally own a Gadget Mon-stor for my iPod and love it. Durable, high quality, and totally adorable! She even makes mini Monster stuffies!

DSC_0016 (4)
My Gadget Mon-stor – I just love him!

So make sure you stop by Daft Crafts, and check out all the handmade goodness, and give Lu & Ed a look-see too!

And lastly, the other reason I’m excited about this post is that it’s a great segway for announcing my expansion of the blogger portrait series! Since indie/handmade shopping is something I find very important, I’m going to expand this series to include indie shop owners to feature as well. Part of what I love about indie shopping is the feeling of getting something so personal, that someone created with their own hands, and getting a little look at the maker behind it adds an even more personal touch. Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear any feedback!