Goals for September: Blog and Life

Can we discuss just how happy I am that the first of the month happens to be a Monday? It makes my brain so happy that this post and my new header can all be displayed at the beginning of the week. Like a double fresh start for a new month.

Ah, lists. I love them. I’m still going strong in HabitRPG, which conveniently lets me utilize three separate goal lists at a time, and I really like being able to add and subtract to them when I need to. But I also like my tangible, on paper lists of which I can triumphantly scribble items off once completed. I tend to make goal lists in my journal of things I’d like to accomplish throughout the month, and I thought I’d post them here too. Adds to the accountability factor, which I absolutely need sometimes.

Life Goals:

  • Bake at least three new recipes. Baking is one of my favorite parts of fall, and I’d like to expand from my usual goodies this year!
  • Take a big (1 hour +) walk at least three days a week. Lately the little and I have been starting our mornings with a big walk after breakfast, and I have been loving it. It’s something I definitely want to continue.
  • Back another Kickstarter project. My indie purchases have taken a nosedive since we bought my new car as our budget is in DO NOT SPEND ANYTHING UNNECESSARY mode, but if possible I’d like to fund a project this month.
  • Finally replace the breaking, leaning bookshelf in our bedroom. It’s time. I’ve lived with it for over a year. I want a new bookshelf.
  • Complete at least three art Christmas gifts. I know it sounds slightly nutty to be working on Christmas gifts this early (I actually started in August) but if I don’t start my handmade stuff now, I’ll never have time to get it all done. Plus I’m hoping to get some commission in before the holidays.

Blog Goals:

  • Continue my WIP Wednesday posts. I like the every other week scheduling, and I really like having it as a motivator. Whenever I hit an art wall I just think, what will I post for WIP Wednesday??
  • Cut back on Can’t Get Enough posts. I like the series, I plan on continuing it, but not regularly. I feel like it will quickly start feeling like I’m just finding stuff to post, and I don’t want it to feel forced. So I’ll keep the series, just on a more sporadic basis.
  • Make myself a damn blog button!!! It’s so embarrassing that I still haven’t done this. I feel like it’s kind of a staple of having a blog. But every time I sit down to make one, I just stare. Totally blank. I am so not a graphic designer. But I’m also broke. So I’ll have to come up with something!
  • Look into buying sponsor space on other blogs. Obviously, once I’ve completed the above goal. When I started this blog, I never intended it to be for profit. It was more of an outlet for me, to see if I like it. And I love it! And while I’m still not about the numbers, I’d like to bring in some new readers if possible, and I’d love to do that by supporting other blogs in the process.
  • Put plans in motion to feature artists. There are so many artists I admire, many of whom I’ve already conversed with on DeviantArt. If possible, I’d love to set up an ‘interview’ with them, and have a feature on my blog. Right now, it’s pretty much just social anxiety stopping me. I am terrified to contact people about it.
  • Complete this video game blog challenge. I first saw this on Hello Cynical Badger, and I love the questions. I don’t want to do a post a day, but I’ll group some questions at a time so it’s fulfilled by the end of the month.

Alrighty, that’s a good amount for a month! And now just a quick recap of my new header before I dash. Some of my fall favorites: The ambiance of Halloween, baking all the time, the colors of fall leaves, and hot cups of tea. Have a great month!


Out of Balance

It’s June already. (Thank you, Captain Obvious). And while I’m really excited for June (planting my garden! First camping trip of the year! Hiking! The beach!) I can’t help but feel like as of last month things in my life started to feel off kilter. I’ve been (mostly) keeping up with projects, but in a very disorganized manner. I always feel like I’m bouncing around the house like a madwoman jumping from personal projects to playing with my little to housecleaning and on and on. I just feel out of order and out of sorts!

Lack of organization is a big part of it. I’m realizing that lately I fell out of the habit of making to-do lists, and I know that has a huge impact on why I feel so chaotic. Also, in classic form, every day I think of new projects and things I want to do without finishing up other projects. Constantly adding to your plate is really NOT an effective way to get things done. Clearly knowing this fact doesn’t stop me from doing it anyway.

However, despite feeling somewhat off balance in my life, I am still so content. I’m doing everything I want to be, even if it is in a messy and disorganized manner. Do I want to straighten it out a bit? Definitely. Am I going to stress myself out about it? Absolutely not. Instead, I’ll take the steps I can to try and refocus, and get the balance back where I want it. Starting with a to-do list.

So bear with me if blog posts are a bit random, not on any schedule, or rambly (coughthispostcough). Be on the lookout for a new look for my blog too! Working on lots of art for it – my one year ‘blogiversary’ is coming up at the end of June and I’d love to celebrate it with a new look for my blog, and a giveaway too! Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!

30 Days of Lists Week 2

Cruising right along with the #30Lists project! I can’t believe it’s halfway done already. Prepping my pages ahead of time has been a huge boon to me; now even when things get crazy around here I can still snag five minutes after my daughter goes to bed and write my lists down.


For day 8 the original prompt was more geared to Christmas movies on your movie watching list. I’m not a big Christmas movie gal and since they encourage altering the prompts to suit you better, I changed it to movies I want to see both this year and next.


I really like Day 12 (Places I Went This Year), as it was great to remember all the places we took our little miss. Our family runs on a pretty tight budget, so we don’t really get to do big trips or travel to far off places, but we still manage to get in plenty of local or not-too-far trips!


I am adoring this project!

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