Fun Fact Friday #1

It’s my first Fun Fact Friday! From here on out, every Friday (with a few possible exceptions) I’ll be posting a fact about. . .anything. Whatever strikes my fancy. Why? Well, I seem to have a knack for remembering extremely irrelevant information, so why not add to that cache?


This week’s fun facts are inspired by the gorgeous front yard full of lilies I currently have. They are in full bloom, and just lovely. So here are a few facts about lilies for you! Happy Weekend everyone!

  • The bulbs and roots of the tiger lily were eaten by Native Americans. This is still done today in many oriental countries. Apparently, they taste like potatoes!
  • Although humans may find the bulbs tasty, ALL parts of a lily are extremely poisonous to cats. Keep away from the feline friends!


  • In ancient Greece, white lilies were so revered they were believed to spout the milk of Hera.
  • The lily is often considered a death flower, which is a misconception. White lilies symbolize purity and innocence. Common at funerals, they represent the souls’ restored innocence after death.


Love having these in my kitchen every day.