Reeses Spreads: Tasty, But It’s No Nutella

Recently I received a jar of Reeses Spreads courtesy of Influenster to devour sample. I. Was. PUMPED. I didn’t even know this was a thing, but they had me and ‘chocolate and peanut butter spread’.


I set up a little spread for myself, the hubs, my daughter (who was beyond thrilled to get to have a treat in the middle of the afternoon), and we invited our neighbor over too, just to gather another opinion. The question was – what does this taste beston??


The options were: Apple slices, graham crackers, and wheat toast. Both my little and myself liked Reeses Spreads on apples the best. I am a HUGE fan of apples and peanut butter, and this is like a dessert version of that. Both my hubs and our neighbor liked it best on the toast.


How’s the flavor? I think this is where I was surprised the most. First off, it doesn’t taste like a Reeses Peanut Butter cup. In fact, when eaten WITH something, I feel like you hardly even taste the chocolate. It’s like a super sweet peanut butter. Good, but definitely not a great chocolate/pb combo in my opinion. We each tried a little spoonful just by itself, and I find that on it’s own it definitely tastes much more like a Reeses.

Overall, this is good, but I would not purchase this over Nutella any day. It has a good taste, but it’s really just like an overly sweet peanut butter. As someone who purchases natural peanut butter (as in, only peanuts – no added sugar) it’s almost sickeningly sweet, and it doesn’t have enough of a chocolate flavor to balance that out. I am quite intrigued how it’ll be to bake with though – I plan on making up some peanut butter cookies using this in place of half the peanut butter – we’ll see how they turn out!

Mary Kay Clear Proof Skin Care System

I have never been a woman who really struggles with body confidence. Do I have those days where I’m less than happy with how I look? Of course! But overall, my body has never been a huge concern for my. My skin, on the other hand, has.

Clear skin hasn’t really ever been something I’ve had. There is rarely a day without blemishes, and my skin tone has always been quite uneven, with some redness in different areas. As someone who is quite pale, I feel even more self conscious as it seems to emphasize the uneven skin tone. Photos of myself tend to make me cringe as I always focus on my skin. I am definitely guilty a Photoshopping out a giant red blemish on occasion!

clear proof

Therefore, when Influenster gave me the opportunity to test out the Mary Kay Clear Proof Skin Care System I was actually really excited! And also a little nervous. I’ve switched facewashes on multiple occasions as they can be really drying. I tend to have dry skin, and the washes I had been using often exacerbated that. While reading through the Mary Kay products, the warning “Excessive dryness can occur” came up repeatedly and it had me a bit wary.

Influenster Before and After

Luckily, I have had zero issues with it! And my skin looks great. Most days I am blemish free, and I feel like my skin tone seems better overall which is so nice. After using the facewash and two toners, my skin does feel extremely dry, but once I apply the moisturizer it feels amazing. I haven’t had any flaking skin, and it doesn’t feel dry and stretched like with other washes I’ve tried.

clear proof2

I have mainly been using these products once a day, occasionally twice a day. They all say they can be used multiple times a day if you feel the need, but I have found great results with just once! Given how pleased I am with the results, I am considering actually buying this as my regular skin care routine. It’s the first one I’ve tried where I feel like I’ve had really good results, so I’m happy to stick with it!

*These products were sent to me free of charge from Influenster. All opinions are 100% my own.*

Influenster #GoVoxBox

I was lucky enough to be selected by Influenster to receive their #GoVoxBox this month; full of goodies to help get you up and on the go! I’d never gotten a VoxBox before and didn’t really know what to expect. Big things? Little samples? What could it be?! Needless to say, I was pretty pumped at the idea of a mystery box full of goodies showing up for me.



The first two things I pulled out were this cup, and protein shake packets from the Vitamin Shoppe. Now, I eat pretty healthy but had never tried a protein shake in my life. I always assumed they tasted horrible, and were probably a big powdery wreck. But, since I now had one to sample, I gave it a go.




And honestly? It wasn’t bad. Certainly much better than I was expecting. Good flavor (though a bit of a funk aftertaste), and what surprised me most was consistency. It was nice and creamy! That being said, I won’t purchase more in the future. I’d much rather stick to a balanced diet of food than supplement and spend money on the shakes.

The cup, however, is fabulous. It is my new go-to water cup, and I love that it has the ounces on the outside so I can keep track of how much water I consume in a day. I’ve been really trying to up my intake of water, and this has definitely been helpful.


Next up were these shoe insoles. I was really excited that these are 3/4 insoles because I have odd shaped feet. Basically, I have a bone in each foot that sticks out a bit and makes my toes go all crooked. It also makes wearing insoles shaped for normal feet completely impossible (or closed toe heels for that matter). But these work great! Excellent support, and they actually fit my feet. Loving them.


I did a little dance when I pulled this out of my VoxBox. It may sound odd, but I have a little obsession with pumice stones. I hate that cracked awful feeling my feet get, which is worse in the summer as I go barefoot a lot. This is pretty much the perfect pedicure piece. You can use it wet or dry, it’s washable, and I can’t get enough of it. My feet are pretty dang happy about it too!


Not too much to say about these except sweet! One of those necessities for us gals, and this is the brand I use anyway so that’s a bonus.


YAY LOTION! I am a lotion fiend, and this is a great one. Not too greasy, and smells amazing without being overpowering. I love lavender, and the combo of lavender and chamomile is so wonderful and refreshing.


This is the only item in the box I was sad to see. Despite knowing what a great healthy snack they are, I really don’t like almonds. Or blueberries! So this couldn’t be a worse combo for me – luckily the hubs was all too happy to sample these for me! He said they were, “Absolutely delicious!”, wished the bag was bigger,  and has now added them to the grocery list so we can have them all the time. I’m thinking he liked them!


And lastly, some coupons. Won’t use the shake ones, but definitely pumped for a free yogurt!

I’d say the #GoVoxBox was a success! Lots a great new products for me, and I love that they are practical things. I have one invite left if you’d like to join Influenster – it’s completely free and you choose how much or how little you want to use it! Just comment and I’ll send the invite your way – first person to ask for it, gets it. 🙂

*All items in this post were complementary from Influenster, but all opinions are 100% my own.*