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Totally forgot to scout for fanart this week, so until next time!

2014: One Month In

January is coming to a close, and for the first time in awhile I don’t feel like time is shooting by and I am sitting back helpless, getting nothing accomplished. I’ve been keeping up with my art, crafting, and projects with my little girl. It’s something I’m really proud of since not too long ago (circa 2012 and early 2013) I didn’t have the focus, commitment, and balance I do now. It’s taken time, and work, but it’s been so worth it! I’m finally in a place where I feel decently balanced between being a mother, and having my own time as well. Some of this months projects:

  • Hired a graphic designer to work with me and revamp my blog – custom layout here I come!
  • Drew two portraits. One is for an upcoming blog series so I can’t share it yet! Here is the other – a portrait of a friend’s son that I did just for fun.

9×12, all graphite pencils. He’s a handsome little one!

  • Completely cleaned and reorganized my arts and crafts area, and am adding to my inspiration wall. I painted this to add to it – it’s one of my favorite quotes.

This was the best shot I could get. The background is a much nicer blend of blues and teals than this looks!

  • I have two new commissions.
  • I purchased my 1AM Promise indie buy. I was Ms. Indecisive this month and went back and forth about what to get for weeks. Then something new popped up and it was the perfect thing!! They’ll be a post on it when I get it in!
  • I made and began my first idea/art/doodle/thought journal. In addition to my regular writing journal. It’s still in the process of being decorated. I need more stickers.
  • Daily journaling – I’ve actually been keeping up on it!
  • Learning activites with my daughter. She just turned three in December and I’ve been doing more of a focus on ‘classroom’ type activities since ideally she’ll start preschool in the fall. She now knows all her letters by sight, can recognize and spell her name, and is well on her way to learning to count to twenty! We’ve also started writing practice. The rate she learns thing just blows me away.
  • I completed my first freelance job with a local maternity photographer! She wanted some basic pose sketches using her photos as references. This was SUCH a fun project for me since I usually work in headshot/bust type portraits. It was great to do something that was mostly full body!

Nylora sketches to post
Four of my favorite sketches I did for her.

That being said, I do want to be more organized in the coming months. I have the tendency to come up with a lot of ideas for things to do, but then apply zero organization or planning ahead and they either slip by, or become way too big of a project to take on. So I’ve finally made use of a daily planner that has a lot of room for notes, and between that and my idea/inspiration journal I’ve started I should be able to keep my projects in check and organized! Here’s to more productivity!

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I don’t know where the time goes. I blinked and it was October, blinked again and it’s already a week into November. But I have been busy busy! Mostly with art. My muse has apparently taken full time residence with me, which I am 100% okay with. I’ve been getting tons done, and even more exciting, I’m loving the work I’m doing! I know that sounds a little silly, but there is nothing like finishing a piece and being proud of what you’ve done. Plus, seeing my skills improve in my drawing is such a good feeling.

Unfortunately, I can’t post TOO much of what I’ve been drawing here as they are mostly Christmas presents for people! But I can post a few, so here they are.

DRAWtoberfest The Kiss
‘The Kiss’
Drawn for a twitter sketch party I was partaking in (#DRAWtoberfest, at the time).

DSC_0003 (3)
Finally finished this commission! Client decided on adding the phrase at the bottom, and while it was originally going to be a wedding present for her soon-to-be wife, she decided she can’t wait and is giving it to her for Christmas instead!
(Note: I received permission from the client to post this on my blog.)

DSC_0032 (2)
The final piece of wall art for my daughter’s big girl room upgrade (which I am SO excited for! Only another month until the big redo!).

DSC_0010 (3)
Fellow blogger Polly of This Enchanted Pixie was kind enough to let me draw an adorable photo of her daughter in this wonderful handmade knit hat! I always feel odd asking people if I can draw their photos, but so far no one has thought I’m a crazy weirdo. I’m quite proud of this piece, as that hat was a big challenge but I’m pleased with the result!
(Note: I received permission from Polly to post this on my blog and other social media.)

DSC_0002 (2)
And lastly, this piece of the AMAZING a capella group, Pentatonix. I am REALLY proud of this piece as it turned out exactly as I was visualizing in my head. I’m especially happy with how Kevin turned out (all the way to the right, with the cello). I was expecting him to be the hardest to draw given that his features were heavily shadowed, and not only did he come together the easiest, but I LOVE the shading! And in case being happy with this piece wasn’t enough, I posted it on Twitter and Scott Hoying (fourth in the from the left) saw it, and faved it! Cue nerd-gasm of amazingly talented famous person seeing my artwork of him and his own band, and liking it. Day. Made.

Also, my hubby, being fabulous, agreed to let me do a MAJOR splurge for my birthday next April so now I have a VIP TICKET to go see Pentatonix which means I CAN GET THE DRAWING SIGNED!
Needless to say, me and my art have been having a grand ole time lately. And so far, it seems to be holding strong!
And now, a shameless plug for my art:
If you like what you see, please head over to my Facebook page and give it a like! Pencil and Paper
Commissions will be re-opened sometime in January 2014, so keep it in mind if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind gift.

I think I’ll be giving blogging the backseat for a bit, at least until after the holidays. This is crunch time for me to get presents made, and half of what I make I can’t share online. Which also applies to most of the fun projects and crafts I’ll be doing with my little miss. Lately I’ve been scouring other blogs for inspiration on what to blog about since I don’t have any particular projects I can share lately. So I’ll still be around, just on a smaller scale than my normal three posts a week. I’m thinking about a re-vamp in 2014. . .we’ll have to see what I have time for. See you around blog land!

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