Our Annual Family Reunion

I feel like for some people, a family reunion can induce a lot of stress and eye rolling. The complete opposite is true for me – I look forward to our annual family reunion every single year. I have been going for 25 years (I was three months old for my first one and have never missed one yet!). I even wrote my college essay on this particular event and what it means to me.

Family has always been extremely prominent and important in my life, and I love that our whole family feels that way too. We have a HUGE, widespread family, but every year for the third weekend in July we all come together to celebrate how lucky we are to have one another to call family. An average size year means about 130 people show up. We camp in a giant field (all forms of camping – RV’s, pop-up campers, and good old fashioned tents) and spend the weekend making music, playing games, and in general enjoying each others company. How fabulous is that?

Loving the tent.

Bubbles in the field.

My hubs relaxing after setting up the site with my brother.

Having such a large gathering takes a lot of work and coordination. We have officers in our family (President, VP, Secretary, and Treasurer) who each have designated jobs that keep the reunion running smoothly. We have games for the kids with prizes, and we also run a raffle and 50/50 raffle to raise money for further family reunions. I’ve been the family secretary for the past two years, which means I’m in charge of keeping everyone’s addresses up to date, and helping out the President in sending out updates, etc. I love it, and hope to ‘stay in office’ for years to come!

DSC_0047 DSC_0073
              A very happy camper!    My brother – such a handsome fellow.

This year one of my cousins organized a special raffle. She had been in Peru volunteering at a girls orphanage and wanted to raise money to send back to them. She was raffling some of her gorgeous photographs and two beautiful handmade cups that the girls in the orphanage had made! I very much wanted one of the cups, and I got it. I literally jumped out of my chair when they called my ticket number! All in all, our family raised $270 to send to the orphanage – not too shabby if you ask me.

The beautiful photos and handmade mugs in the Peru raffle. I won the mug on the left which is the one I wanted, yay!!

My family is also incredibly musically talented. Saturday night is the designated evening for entertainment and it never disappoints. A full band gets up and plays under the tarp, and then later we all move around the big campfire and sing/play guitar acoustic style until the wee hours of the morning. My little miss fell asleep in her camp chair cozied up by the fire listening to the sounds of her cousins singing. Those are the memories I want her to have growing up.

Family band time!

DSC_0107 DSC_0112
My miss was just loving the music – she danced the night away, and even had to bring my brother’s girlfriend up to dance with her!

My childhood memories are bursting with different recollections of the reunion, and I can’t wait for my baby girl to be ecstatic about going too. I just love my family!


See you next time!

Connect With Me

Busy Busy Busy

The above photo was the sunset on July 5. Being so mad busy this month make it even more important to me to stop and notice the little things.

This month is so jam packed sometimes I don’t even know where to start! Between working on portrait commissions, planning for birthday parties and camping trips, and a few other plans we already have there isn’t a single weekend free this month! So my blog posts may be a bit spread out compared to the last couple weeks.

This past weekend was filled with art, board games, good friends, and all around great times. I’ve got some projects in store this week to do with my little miss, so there will definitely be posts about that at some point.


I hope everyone’s Independence Day went well. I happily paid the insane price of $4.00 for my yearly piece of fried dough. . .it’s just sooooo delicious!! And I can justify the splurge since it is only once a year. . .yummo.
Chowing down on some fried dough!

Our town does a big celebration at our rec center field – there are booths, a raffle, live music with dancing – it’s really a great time! My little miss loved dancing with Daddy, and her Mimi (my mom) came up to enjoy the evening with us too. Which of course ended in fireworks!
DSC_0047 (2) DSC_0043 (2)
Dancing it up with Daddy!

What’s everyone up to this week? Exciting plans for the summer?