Blogger Portrait #1: Meet Alycia of Habitual Homebody

It’s launch day for a new series! This is most definitely my favorite series I’m starting on My Open Sketchbook. I wanted a way to feature other blogs I love that wasn’t just a post with a link to another blog on it. I wanted to feel more involved, and to incorporate my interests with the post. It’s no secret that I love drawing portraits. So I came up with The Blogger Portrait series. I emailed some of my favorite bloggers and asked if I could draw a portrait of them to go along with a feature of their blog. And thankfully, no one thought I was a weird stalker person for asking to use personal photos and then draw them – bonus! So without further ado, my first Blogger Portrait.

Meet Alycia, of Habitual Homebody.


I began following Habitual Homebody in the early months of 2013, back before I’d ever even made a WordPress account. Blogging was still just a terrifying endeavor in the back of my mind. Her blog covers a range of topics from daily life, to crochet projects, to funny things on the internet.

What do I like about her blog? This may sound cheesy, but my favorite part about Habitual Homebody is that Alycia is very real and honest. Her posts aren’t bullshit. There are blogs out there that you read, and you know they only cover the happy dapper things about the persons life, or they just don’t have much personality, and Habitual Homebody is the opposite of that. When things suck, she’ll say so. When things are awesome, she’ll say that too. I found (and still find) that not only refreshing, but inspiring as someone who was terrified to write a word on such a public forum! Hers was the first blog I ever found where I felt a real person was behind it, not some idealistic representation of life.

My favorite series she has is her Bookmark Dumps. Completely random things she finds online to share – I love that! Whether it’s quirky products, DIY, or funny videos there is always something I enjoy. I also love seeing her crochet projects. I don’t crochet myself, but I’m a lover of handmade and crafts, and I take joy in seeing what other people make!

A few posts I’ve thoroughly enjoyed:

This Bookmark Dump
Taking Stock
10 Things I Learned in 2013
Giant Subscription Box List

So pop by, leave some love, and hopefully start following along with Habitual Homebody!
Tune in next Monday for another blogger portrait!