Life In Photos #29

relaxed bunny

A week ago we went to the Sandwich Fair and my little met the most content, relaxed bunny I’ve ever seen in my life.

chicken afro

We also saw this absolutely fantastic breed of chicken. New life goal: attain afro chickens.

book visitor

While reading outside one afternoon, this teeny tiny little bug landed on my book and, even after some gentle prodding, refused to budge. I had to blow him off to avoid smushing when I turned the page!


We took a walk at sunset and I attempted to have an impromptu photoshoot with my little…after a million silly faces I gave up. Sometimes it’s just not happening.

sunset leaves

However, walks at sunset are now my new favorite thing as the fall leaves just look so extraordinary! So while the photoshoot with my daughter didn’t work out, I did get some fun fall themed shots!


I found an excellent reflective window (see below for the fabulous schoolhouse said window is from) which made for a fun selfie! I like how the cobwebs and window dust almost give it an old photograph feel.


This old schoolhouse is right next door to my apartment, and I have always found it to be so creepy! Definitely creepy in a good way, though I wouldn’t be caught dead near it at night by myself. I definitely want to come back here in different light and take some photos – it just screams haunted house to me. Although I don’t know when it was originally built, it has been in use since the 1800s. It was restored back in 2011, but the inside has so many class photos from the 1800s and 1900s which to me just adds to the creep factor! Chalk it up (HEH schoolhouse pun) to too many horror movies.

red leaves

I think this is my favorite edit of the day. I really wish I could get that chain link fence out of there, but my PS skills are just not that good. However on the whole, I love the light hitting the tree leaves, and the paled out school house in the background.

Instagram RoundUp


Clockwise from top left…

1. Eli sits like such a proper gentleman kitty sometimes!
2. I’ve started the My Little Pony plushes for my little for Christmas. Coming along nicely!
3. We made some yummy fall Rice Krispie treats. This was my first time making them – I used to hate them as a kid!
4. Drafted four more patterns of plushes for Christmas presents. So much to do!

We were originally supposed to do our yearly family photo shoot today, but it is a cold and rainy mess outside, so that’s been postponed! Instead, a day of lounging and playtime awaits!

Life In Photos #19

I finally got a new planner and started using the Post-It method for blog planning. I love it. I now have most of my posts planned through September, and they’re so easy to rearrange if other things come up!


We saw these gorgeous flowers growing while out for a walk. I don’t actually know the name of the flower, but they are lovely (however quite spiky in the middle).


On another walk I noticed this sign on one of the B&Bs around here and it amused me heavily.


And on yet another walk we spotted this little slug on the edge of the road! My daughter loved it, and gave it that rock to climb on.

We’ve been taking huge walks every morning lately, and I love it. So refreshing, a great way to start the day, and it’s so fun to spot things to take pictures of!

Yesterday we went to the local 4-H Fair, which I love as it’s not too expensive and it’s pretty small. I love big fairs, but sometimes I find them overwhelming. This one only takes about two hours to see everything, which is about perfect with a three year old!


This rooster has the coolest feathers ever.

pony ride

Having a pony ride ended up being my little’s favorite thing of the day!


However, it’s pretty clear that she loved her first ‘big girl’ ride too!! 😀



Fair Day!

We stopped by the Belknap County 4H Fair this past weekend. Our first fair of the season! This was actually a great fair for our little miss to start out with as it was small, not too overwhelmingly busy and pretty much all the activities were good for her age group.

First we visited lots of animals. They had rabbits and chickens in the their cages you could look at, and lots of cows, goats, and sheep out and about that you could pet and visit with. She was loving it!



Then we went and found Grandma, who was working at the fair, and got hooked up with some VIP treatment. . .chauffeured to the pony rides by golf cart!



This was my baby girl’s first time on a pony! She was a little shy with the man (who I realized after looks quite scary in these pics, but trust me he was super funny and great with the kids!) but as soon as she was on the horse she had a blast.




After that we went over to the kiddie area for some rides with her cousin. She said this was her favorite part of the day, no surprise there!



Then it was time to wrap up the trip with a healthy lunch of. . .ice cream? Ok, so a not-so-healthy lunch of ice cream, but it sure was tasty. Gotta eat dessert first sometimes!


What were you up to this weekend?

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