Never Stop Making Art

That’s pretty much been my mentality this week, and thusly the housecleaning and blog posting have suffered a bit. I had no posts ready this week, except for a subscription box reveal, but I’ve had a great week nonetheless! So I figured I’d share what I’ve been up to.

The main thing I’ve been working on this week is this:


My new Pentatonix piece! I am so excited about this one! I took screen grabs from their Daft Punk video (which was a process in itself to get good ones) and then drew it like a normal graphite piece, and added some watercolor overlay for those pops of color. The eyes were such a focus in the vid, I definitely wanted them to be in color. This is a sister piece to the one below, which I drew last year.

Why two? One for me, one for my BFF – we have VIP tickets for their show in Boston in April and in theory we can get the drawings signed! I may freak out a little as I am slightly MAJORLY terrified to show them my drawings. I’m pretty shy in general, so this is a massive step. I figure if I can show my drawings to famous people I admire, bringing random works around town to hopefully get them displayed will be cake!

Also, although I’m quite late to this party, we finally saw Frozen. And it’s fabulous. I still like Tangled better, but this is definitely taking spot #2. And I like the music in Frozen better. My three year old is so in love with it, so when she gets her TV time, this is ALL we’ve watched for the past three days. Which I am entirely okay with. Last time it was on, I sketched this image from the movie box of Elsa for my daughter’s wall.


Later on we did watercolors together and I did an overlay (which is kind of my new favorite thing to do). Also, hard to tell, but I added glitter in some spots so it shimmers in the sunlight on her wall. Her response once it was finished: “Draw Anna, Mommy, draw Anna!”. So I obliged.


Haven’t painted it yet; perhaps later today if we do watercolors again! Once I’d finished painting Elsa while doing watercolors, my daughter asked me to paint something else. So I started doodling some swirls, and she said, “Make it an animal!” So meet shy octopus. She adores it, and it has joined Elsa on her wall.

Apologies for the poor image quality – my miss was distraught when I tried to take it down for a photo, so I took it right on the wall. 🙂

It was really nice to just doodle aimlessly with the paint. Just a further reminder that I need to sketch more, but I always end up working on projects and full pieces instead! Le sigh. One day, I will attempt daily sketching.

In other projects, I am SO far behind in #30Lists. My brother came up last weekend for his birthday, and I haven’t caught up since! I have each list written down on paper, just not all scrapbooked and prettied yet. Again, in time. One of the things I like about that project is it entirely up to the maker on how/when to do your lists!


I’ve also started this sign for my kitchen. Should be done by the end of the weekend. The fork, knife, and spoon were in my scrapbook stash and I’ve had this black canvas kicking around for ages with no intended project so I decided to combine them for a fun new sign!

So despite back-burnering (sure, that’s a word) my blog this week, I have loved completely submerging myself in art. I’ve got new blogger portraits on the way, and I’m cooking up a new idea to expand the series. Stay tuned!