Life In Photos #34

Some snaps from the last couple weeks in January.


Static electricity is the best.


He fell asleep with his tongue out…it was so cute!

after nap

While snapping photos for A Day In The Life, I snagged this gem which was her face upon waking from nap and seeing me in the doorway with my camera at the ready!



These were taken from out our playroom window – there was a squirrel party going on! They were climbing all around, right next to the house, and it was hilarious. I love squirrels! Unfortunately the little miss was napping, but my cat enjoyed the heck out of it.

And now a few shots from the ‘snowmageddon’ this past week. Luckily, where I am in NH didn’t get swamped too badly. Only about 10 inches of snow, and it was all super light and fluffy. Perfect for playing in (though terrible for snowman/fort building). Plus, since everything in the entire state pretty much shut down in preparation, the hubs got a free day off from work so we got to spend it as a family. Woohoo!


I love trees in the snow!


Her favorite part of winter is nomming the fresh snow. It’s hilarious.



This is my favorite shot from that day. I love the snow in her lashes, and in general that magical wondrous look that little kids get when they discover something to be fascinated by.

A Day In The Life

This is a post I’ve had planned for a long time, and finally got around to snapping pics for! Today, I want to share a typical day in my life through photos (and the occasional blurb from yours truly). It isn’t quite a photo-an-hour, which I’ve seen floating around the web, but I think this gives a better idea of an average day for me.

8am: Wake Up and Breakfast


9am: Screen Time

Clearly the best position for TV watching.


10am – 12:30pm: Playtime!






12:30pm: Lunch


1:15pm: Quiet Time

She heads into her room for quiet playtime before nap.


I usually spend my time with my kitty and a book, or gaming.

2:00pm: Nap Time


I tend to wait to start art projects until she’s asleep, since nap is never a guarantee.

4:00pm: Snuggles, Snack, & Chores

When she first wakes from nap, she always wants snuggles on the couch for a few!



5:00pm/5:30pm: Cooking

My little’s favorite: Quesadillas.

6:00pm: Dinner


7:00pm: Daddy Playtime



Since she’s with me all day, she likes to have time with just Daddy after dinner. It works great for me, as I get an hour of chill time to do what I like!

8:00pm: Bedtime

8aShe always has Daddy do bedtime reading…it’s so adorable!

9:00pm – Midnight: Party Time!

And by party I mean doing art, playing board games, watching shows, or busting out some computer work!

So that’s a typical day of my life as a stay at home mum. I adore getting to spend so much time with my little miss; it is so unbelievably rewarding! Obviously, I couldn’t capture everything we do, but this is a pretty good roundup. The only thing not pictured is the amount of arts and crafts we do together, but of course in the two days I took these pics, my little wanted to do other things. I hope you enjoyed the little glimpse into my life!

What does a typical day in your life look like? If you end up making a post, feel free to share in the comments; I’d love to check it out!

Also, feel free to leave some feedback about the new layout! I needed a change, and switched to this. I’m not 100% in love with it yet, but for now it’ll do! There’ll be a few more small changes to come, mainly in the sidebar and pages (you may notice a few missing at the moment from the top menu bar…still working on ’em!).

Life In Photos #31

A very small (and child-centric) photo post this week. The last few days I have felt quite awful (ironic as I’m getting my flu shot tomorrow!) and I didn’t snap too many other pics this week. Luckily my little seems to be doing fine, and Halloween wasn’t interrupted!

kitty pets

My little was so excited Eli let her pet him for a few minutes! He tends to stay away from her, but lately he’s been warming up quite a bit!

new bookshelf

We finally got a new bookshelf for the living room!! YAY! The project is still only partially complete as now we need a smaller shelf for all my little’s books, and then we can transfer our old bookshelf to our bedroom. Even though it’s still a work in progress, I’m so excited to have a new shelf, and have much more organized book storage than the massively over-crammed system we had going on before.



And of course, pics of my little in her costume! She had a blast trick or treating and I’m so glad the weather stayed ‘warm’ for it. By warm I mean mid 40s, which is pretty good for late fall New Hampshire, especially since today it never crept above 35. Anywho, she loved her costume! This was the first year she picked what she wanted to be 100% on her own, and she was not disappointed. I think she made a very good ‘queen riding a unicorn’. 🙂 I love how the front hooves of the unicorn move when she walks, so it looks like the unicorn is walking too. All in all, costume success!

Instagram RoundUp


Clockwise from top left…

1. We had our first D&D session last Sunday and it went great! Plus, I finally found a use for this notebook I love. I play a Druid, and she rocks. 😀
2. Eli was much obliged to participate in snuggles for National Cat Day last Wednesday!
3. The hubs and I had a day together for a round of Christmas shopping, and we were planning to eat out for lunch. The day was so nice we decided to literally eat out, and snag our TGI Friday’s to go so we could have an impromptu riverside lunch date.
4. The little and I attend a once a week nature/environmental class and last week we got to see the pet turtle devour a worm! They kind of just glom it in like a big thick spaghetti piece. Enjoy that mental image. 😉

Today has been a day of sickness unfortunately, but it has been really nice to just laze around with my little (the hubs is judging a Magic event today!). I hope your Halloween and weekend were excellent!


Life In Photos #26

Last week I only had a few photos to share, and this week I have tons!! The week was so beautiful that we spent a ton of time outside, and I just kept finding things to photograph! So to start off, here are some of my favorite nature pictures from this week.






honey bee

That last one of the honeybee is my favorite of the week! I’ve been dying to get some close up bee shots, and I finally got a bunch this week. Yay! Anywho, moving on to daily life photos.

kitty snuggles

My cats almost never sit together, so this was a big surprise!


Smoothie + sprawling on the toy box. . .is there a better way to watch a show?

grasshopper split

My daughter absolutely loves bugs. She loved watching this grasshopper do splits in her little bug house! He was pretty happy to be let go. 😉


We took a trip to IKEA this week and my little was quite happy to learn to use an allen wrench and help put together a new little nightstand!

apple picking

Yesterday we went apple picking (one of my favorite fall activities!) and my little was so excited to be strong enough to carry the apple bucket! For a little while at least haha. I can’t wait to bake so many apple yummies!

Instagram RoundUp


Clockwise from top left. . .

1. Eli loves to snuggle UNDER this particular blanket.
2. This restaurant (Mr. Mac’s) is amazing. They make the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had, and have SO many varieties.
3. We are trying to get back into regular board game nights with friends again – played some Eldritch Horror for this round!
4. I started a new drawing just for me! I’ll have more done in time for WIP Wednesday, but I’m really liking it so far!

I’ve got even more pics if you can believe it, but I’m saving them for a fall post in October. I just love how beautiful autumn is! In fact, today I’m off to take even more outdoor pics – we’ve got some new places to explore!

Life In Photos #14

I’ve got lots of pictures to share today, as it’s been awhile since my last LiP post. I’ve been a bit neglectful of my camera as I’ve been having a ball using my new phone and posting on Instagram. But now that it has been a few weeks, the initial OOOOOH SHINY excitement of said new phone has worn off, and I’ve been balancing between phone and ‘real’ camera nicely.

Also, a new Life In Photos layout! I’ve been sketching and drawing up lots of new little accessories for my upcoming layout change to celebrate my one year blogiversary, and wanted a new frame for this series. I’m really enjoying the Polaroid look; simple and clean and keeps the focus on the photo.


Having a blast playing with dough on my first ever attempt at making homemade bread by hand. (It wasn’t too shabby!)


My Little Pony comics with Daddy!


All dressed up for Great Grampa’s 83rd birthday.


Finally saved up enough tees for my geek t-shirt quilt! I’ve actually sewn all the rows together since this picture.


My little beauty – I just love her to pieces!


Finally conquered a tunnel slide!! She’d been afraid of them previously, but mustered all her courage and took the plunge! As you can see, it was successful and had to be repeated multiple times.


She built her own fort on the couch and was so proud of herself!


Taken on Father’s Day. My two favorite people in the world. She was so overjoyed that Daddy let her chase him with the hose!

I’d taken a blogging hiatus for the most part over the past two weeks, with only one post per week and it gave me a lot of time to think about where I want this blog to go. I got a lot done, lots of ideas jotted down, and I’m excited for things to come! My one year blogiversary is coming up next week, so stay tuned for a new layout and a giveaway then!


Life In Photos #6

Snowed in today! With gymnastics for the little miss closed with the weather I anticipate some serious snow play happening this afternoon. Here’s what’s been happening around here lately. . .

Life In Photos #6

  1. So focused while she got to paint on her BIG posterboard. She was thrilled, and took her time so carefully!
  2. Making a new batch of homemade All Purpose Cleaner. I make the majority of our cleaners – it’s much cheaper and I feel better not having harsh chemicals around. Super easy recipe: Soak orange/lemon peels in a mason jar full of white vinegar for two weeks. Strain, and mix 50/50 with water into a squirt bottle. Add 10 -15 drop tea tree oil, and shake gently. The tea tree oil acts as a disinfectant so you can still use it to safely wipe up things like meat juices.
  3. I started collecting washi tapes to use in projects. Why, oh why did I do this?! They are so cute, and so addicting to pick up! Luckily, I’ve been using them steadily so I they’re not just collecting dust in a box!
  4. My little miss is growing up so fast. We started practicing our writing at home – learning to write her name, the ABCs, and her numbers. She has a few dry-erase books like the one pictured – I love them and so does she!

What have you been up to recently?

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Life in Photos #5

What a week. This week began with me feeling super excited about getting portraits and projects done. . .and turned into a giant week of sickness for me and my daughter (I’m sure the hubs will catch it soon!). And somehow it’s already Friday. Yikes! All energy this week was dedicated to mustering through daily housework, so needless to say not much in the way of projects got done. But one week of squandering all free time vegged out on the couch with a book or TV isn’t the end of the world. And yesterday I did manage to make a serious dent in redoing my arts and crafts area! I also didn’t get ANY blog work done. I have a few new series to start once my revamp is complete, and I’ve been trying to get the posts written ahead of time so all pre-work will be taken care of. My main series I’m working on – Indie Shopping Features & Reviews! Can’t wait to start posting those.

What we’ve been up to on this big sick week.

Life In Photos 5
(Click to embiggen)

1: Dinosaurs have been my little missy’s favorite toy this week!
2: My two kitty boys (Eli and Edgar) being snuggle buddies. My daughter asked me this week, “Is Edgar sick too? ‘Cause he rests a LOT.” Child perspective of things cracks me up.
3: My husband had to have a tooth pulled this week. Combine that with me and the little miss being sick and there was some serious movie time and couch lazing happening.
4: I have been managing to keep up with my daily journaling for 2014! I know it’s only seventeen days in, but I haven’t missed a day yet.

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Life In Photos #2

*A quick update on my December baking post which would normally be today. Originally for my daughter’s birthday this past weekend I was going to make vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting, but after she had a bite of her Daddy’s carrot cake (see December Baking Week 1) she requested that instead! And the sugar cookies I made for her party were the same recipes as the ones I posted already. . .so the long and short of it is I have no new recipes to share this week, oops! But feel free to take a look back at December Baking Week 1 and snag those yummy recipes. I can’t recommend the carrot cake enough. And there will certainly be more December baking posts. . .this week kicks off the beginning of holiday baking!*

What we’ve been up to lately:

Life in Photos #2

First Row:
1. My little fashionista.
2. Finally started wrapping Christmas presents!
3. Got my new corner gallery up and I love it.

Second Row:
1. Eight inches of snow makes my miss a happy girl.
2. Mimi gave us some new marble road sets (or ‘marble castles’ as my three year old calls them!).
3. My miss has been very into reading by herself lately. . .I love to listen to her narrate the pictures!

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Life in Photos

I think Life In Photos is going to be a new series. Throughout the week, I always take photos of things we are doing, crafts we make, places we go, so I figured I could give you a glimpse into my daily life via photos.

Life in Photos#1

Click to enlarge. . .yet another thing I’m working on in the blog revamp – bigger page images!

1. Spreading out to work on my #30Lists project.
2. The little miss happily cookie cutting cinnamon ornaments.
3. Cat comfy makes no sense.
4. Cinnamon ornaments out to dry.
5. A little nighttime cocoa indulgence.
6. Holiday cards I made and mailed for the Deviant Art Holiday Card Project. (I encourage you to check that out – it’s not just for DA members and it’s a great cause!).

I like black and white photos. I don’t know why; perhaps because my main focus in art is graphite portraits? I just love the contrasts. Whatever the reason, I like everyday photos better in black and white.

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