Cyber Monday Shopping

Black Friday is not for me. I am not a fan of large crowds ever, let alone when they are large crowds made up of tired, grouchy, pushy people. (Okay, I’m sure they’re not ALL that way. . .but in my head, they are!) So Black Friday has never had much appeal for me. Therefore I’m hoping to participate in Cyber Monday – most notably the Storenvy Cyber Monday Flash sale hosted by Lu & Ed! There are FIFTY shops participating – you get 30% off ANYTHING in those stores. WHAT?! I seriously don’t even know where to begin. . .or how to break it to my hubs that I’m doing more Christmas shopping – mostly for myself haha! But seriously, supporting small handmade shops is a fabulous thing to do, and there is some seriously awesome stuff on sale. I may even buy things to save for people’s birthdays and such just because I can!

Here are a few shops/items I’ve got my eye on (click the image for a direct link to the product!):

I’m loving both these pairs of earrings from Enchanted . They’d make a great gift for my mum (and who am I kidding, for myself!)

This slouch and bobble hat from Tiger Knitty is calling my name. I really need want a new winter hat!

I honestly couldn’t pick just ONE thing from Mohu’s shop to buy, so I think I’d go for her Amigurumi Plush Mystery Bag! Then I’m guaranteed something adorable, without having to make a decision about what to get.

Playa Blu’s all natural whipped body butter definitely needs to be on my nightstand.

I am desperately wanting yet another pen from Mystic Eye Creations . I have both a pen and pencil already (I use their pencil for ALL my drawings!) but I’d like to get a new acrylic pen for journaling.

This card set from Scrawny Girl is just wonderful! Excellent illustrations – I might not even mail them since they’re so darn cute!

And that’s just a tip of the iceberg. . .seriously how can you go wrong?? If you’d like the full scoop on all the shops, click here ! This will really make up for missing out on October for the 1AM Promise.

Now I’m off to brainstorm ideas on how to tell the hubs about my impending dent to the bank account. . .

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