5 Fandom Friday. On a Tuesday. Frick.

I spent the majority of last week doing all the prep for my daughter’s rainbow birthday party we just had this past Sunday! It was a big success, and they’ll be a post about, but getting everything clean, made, decorated, and all around ready for the party ate up pretty much all of my week. Therefore, blogging fell so far behind. So it’s time to play a little catch up!


This past 5 Fandom Friday topic (hosted by The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick) is a great one – Presents I Want Santa To Bring Me! My list includes all the outrageously expensive gifts I didn’t put on my Christmas list for people as they just cost Way. Too. Much. Thus, perfect for Santa!

1. A (giant) set of Copic Markers. I’m going to contradict myself now, as I actually DID include a set of these on my Christmas list just for the heck of it, but not one this big. This is my #1 item to save money and purchase for myself next year as I am dying to use them (and have so many ideas for them!).

2. This portrait lens. You’ve seen it already on my Camera Wishlist post. Yup, still want it. 😀

3. Completely unnecessary but completely fantastic video game figurine/statue thingies. My geeky collectible shelves are dying to have some of these on them!

4. A laptop. We are planning on buying one next year (no idea what kind yet), but it’d be amazing if one just appeared under our tree.

5. A WiiU. I picked WiiU over PS4 for this as I have no plans to buy a WiiU. I’d like it, but it would a complete and total frivolous purchase. There are only a few games I actually want to play for it, and I hardly have time to play console games at it is. But I’d still love it!


December NerdBlock Reveal!

I am so late with this post, considering I opened my Nerd Block for Christmas and the next one will be shipping out this week or next. But I digress.

Nerd Block is a monthly subscription box filled with nerdy goodies! Every month you receive one t-shirt plus a boxful of nerdtastic goodies! For me, this was entirely a ‘how can I go wrong?!’ situation. I’m into lots of nerdy things. I have two large shelves in my living room dedicated to nerdy collectibles. All our friends love nerdy things too if there were things we want to share. Clearly this was a no brainer. So I asked my hubs for one for Christmas. . .and then happened to be the one checking PO Box when it arrived. So I knew I was getting it, but the contents were still a surprise!


My Nerd Block all ready to be opened! I think I’ll put things in order of what I was least excited about, to what I was most excited about.


These little guys are called called Crazy Bonez. I had  heard of them, but had never seen them. My daughter likes them, so that’s a win for me!


Next was a Monster Marble. This was something I’d never heard of and while I don’t have a use for it, my cats have certainly enjoyed batting it all around the kitchen (it has a marble on the bottom so it rolls everywhere).


Eeee!! I love this little Captain America! Although I never read the comics (I was always a Batman girl) I love the first movie and Avengers, and my hubs is big fan. Even better? It’s a pen! Seriously, the bottom unscrews and there’s a little pen. Love it!

DSC_0049 DSC_0048

Then there was this watch, called a ‘Samurai Watch’. Why? I don’t know; pretty sure Samurai’s were not sporting digital watches. . .but the point it this is a pretty sweet watch! As you can see, it looks just like a chain-type bracelet, then when you push the side button, the time shows up (the tick mark on the top left designates PM – it is not there for AM time). Also, this thing is heavy duty – I was impressed with how durable it feels. However, this watch was huge on me as well as too manly for my taste and my hubs hates wearing a watch (despite the fact that I think it looked super sexy on him. Le sigh.) So we ended up giving to my best friend’s hubby, who loves it. That’s a win in my book!


GAH! I love Funko figurines (in fact, my hubs bought me a Jaimie from Game of Thrones Funko for Christmas!). They are so CUTE! And both my hubs and I are big LoTR/Hobbit fans so I was pretty darn pumped about this. Invisible Bilbo now happily resides on one of our nerdy shelves.


Saved the best for last – this month’s shirt! ZELDA!!!!!!!! I am a huge Zelda fangirl so I was ecstatic about this. Just an FYI, when you sign up for Nerd Block you pick your shirt size ahead of time so you know it will fit. We opted for a Men’s Large that way it will fit my hubby if he likes it more, and if I like it more, I can easily mod it on the sewing machine for a more girly fit. Which I am absolutely doing for this shirt!

Needless to say, I was pretty impressed with our first Nerd Block. I can’t wait to get see what January’s box holds!

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