Blogger Portrait #3: Meet Mandy of Chocolate and Cream Cake

Another Monday, another blogger portrait!

Today, I’d like you to meet Mandy of Chocolate and Cream Cake.

I think her portrait is my favorite I’ve done so far. Mainly because it came together so easily and I was expecting it to be difficult! The details just worked out so much better than I thought they would, and it was a great feeling. As you may be realizing, I like selecting references with lots of personality, and this one was no different!

What do I like about Chocolate and Cream Cake? Initially, the title drew me in. I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t look at a blog with that title?! Once arriving and poking about for a bit, I realized I’d stumbled upon my fist blog that is primarily dedicated to nerdy interests. So I was practically jumping for joy. Being a giant nerd myself, her posts are always right up my alley.

She also runs my favorites series I’ve ever found on a blog so far: Nerd News. This (mostly) weekly series covers every nerd topic you can think of from movies and TV, to tech and science. It’s fantastic. I have discovered so many fabulous/hilarious/intriguing things from that series.

Chocolate and Cream Cake is also home to another of my favorite series: Haiku Revieu. Which is exactly what it sounds like. Movie reviews, summed up with a haiku at the beginning of the post. Brilliant.

Besides her awesome series, Mandy posts updates about her life and things happening from a personal aspect which I always appreciate. I think blogging is a very personal endeavor, so feeling like there really is a living, breathing, real person behind the blog is pretty much a necessity for me.

So go visit Chocolate and Cream Cake, grab some nerd education, leave some love, and enjoy! And tune in for another portrait next Monday!