Fictional Fridays #2


Today for Bookworms In Dresses fabulous Friday link-up, let’s talk manga! Manga was a huge part of my life in middle and high school, and also a huge reason I stayed immersed in a love for art. My mum used to work at a school, and she always took me down to Borders (remember those stores?) for their huge one day sale event for educators (aka massive discount on your whole purchase). I still remember the excitement of that shopping day; browsing the shelves of options trying to decide what to read next, the ecstasy of knowing I could pick out five or six volumes instead of just one.

Unfortunately, I don’t still have any of my old manga. I hit a rough patch, money-wise, after splitting from an awful relationship, and ended up selling them for some quick cash. I can’t say I regret it, as I really needed the money at the time, but there are definitely days where I wish I could flip through some of my old favorites. Here are some of my faves from back when I was fourteen and fifteen.

1. .hack//Legend of the Twilight

2. Magic Knight Rayearth

3. Chobits

4. Peach Girl

5. Fruits Basket

Though I adored the story of Chobits, I think .hack was my absolute favorite (okay, tied with Magic Knight Rayearth). When I was reading these, this was pre-MMORPG and the closest thing I had was Neopets. As an RPG lover, the world of .hack was spectacular (you know, other than that whole ‘it’s killing people in real life’ thing). Magic Knight Rayearth was awesome for a similar reason – regular girls who get transported to a magical world and have to kick ass and be heroes?? Um, yes please. My fourteen year old self was over the moon.

Man, now I miss my manga. I think I may have to start collecting these again!

Did you/do you read manga? What are some of your faves?
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