Life In Photos #34

Some snaps from the last couple weeks in January.


Static electricity is the best.


He fell asleep with his tongue out…it was so cute!

after nap

While snapping photos for A Day In The Life, I snagged this gem which was her face upon waking from nap and seeing me in the doorway with my camera at the ready!



These were taken from out our playroom window – there was a squirrel party going on! They were climbing all around, right next to the house, and it was hilarious. I love squirrels! Unfortunately the little miss was napping, but my cat enjoyed the heck out of it.

And now a few shots from the ‘snowmageddon’ this past week. Luckily, where I am in NH didn’t get swamped too badly. Only about 10 inches of snow, and it was all super light and fluffy. Perfect for playing in (though terrible for snowman/fort building). Plus, since everything in the entire state pretty much shut down in preparation, the hubs got a free day off from work so we got to spend it as a family. Woohoo!


I love trees in the snow!


Her favorite part of winter is nomming the fresh snow. It’s hilarious.



This is my favorite shot from that day. I love the snow in her lashes, and in general that magical wondrous look that little kids get when they discover something to be fascinated by.

Life In Photos #18

This is a pretty quiet week in photos! But, I spent the majority of this week sick so there was much less picture snapping and much more nap taking. Luckily, I started feeling better on Friday and now am pretty close to 100% again!

magic sorting

We practice sorting geek style in this household! The hubs gives our little all his valueless Magic the Gathering cards and she has quite the collection at this point. We love to dump them out and practice sorting them into piles by not only color, but different background and edging patterns as well. Or she’ll pick the subject (usually, animals) and we sort them out. She loves it!

eli with banana

Oh, Eli and his banana. My kitty Eli has always had a weird obsession with our little’s play food. He loves to bat it around (while ignoring most actual cat toys). He is fixated on the banana, which I find hilarious because he is actually terrified of real bananas! If you set down a banana peel near him, he flattens his ears and body, and tries to slink off as sneakily as possible. It’s so strange. So I guess he must show his dominance to the evil plastic banana.

relaxing on the couch

I snapped this pic of my little watching Milo and Otis one rainy afternoon and I just love it. She looks so grown up. I still call her my baby, the hubs and I both still say things like, “Who will watch the baby?” or “The baby’s sleeping”, but she is definitely not a baby anymore. Damn you parenting cliches and your absolute truth!

Hope the weekend is treating you well!
We’re off to see Guardians of the Galaxy today and I CAN’T WAIT!!!


Life In Photos #13


You weren’t trying to read, right Mom?
Eli loves his morning sun in the window.


Grampa with a hose + hot sunny weather = happiest three year old ever.


My little loves to pick me dandelions. Even though they’re weeds, they do brighten up the kitchen. Like little sunbursts!


And another in the red boots series. Some field exploration this time. I’m thinking I need to make a story book for my little all about her red boot adventures! Now to think up a plot. . .


Life In Photos #11

It feels so nice to be taking pictures constantly again. Towards the end of the winter season I felt like I was hardly taking pictures at all, and I missed it. Lately, I’ve been taking so many pictures I don’t even know which ones to choose from! It’s nice to be able to look back through my folders and have the days documented in photos.


I’ve decided I’m doing a personal series of my daughter with the black and white photo and only her boots in color. I love them. And since she wears these boots all the time (they’re her favorite), I like seeing the places they go! Might have to dedicate a living section to some prints at the end of the year.


I’m so happy our bird feeder is being used! It’s so nice to sit in the morning having my cup of tea, with my little in my lap as we watch the birds together. And luckily one of my best friends is (what I consider) a bird expert so she can identify all the birds in my photos for me, just for extra fun!


This new teacup is rocking my world.


Edgar loves to watch us out the window when we’re outside. However, he is terrified of the outdoors. Our bigger cat, Eli, is the adventurer of the two!


We’ve been working on getting the miss less afraid of bugs. It’s been going really well! She loves learning all the different kinds. It’s a bit blurred in this photo, but she has a little beetle crawling on her hand and she was so excited about it! She dubbed it her ‘little beetle friend’ and every day since she has looked for it when we go outside!

What were you up to this week?


Life In Photos #10

It’s been a grand week around here! My birthday was on Wednesday, and it was spent with my hubs and daughter. A nice simple day, just the way I like it! This weekend has been filled with family, fun, and laughter as my dad and brother are up to visit. Such a wonderful way to celebrate!


Ready for an adventure in the woods at Grammy’s house!


Happy Eli bathing in sunbeams.


Books make the best birthday presents.


My mother-in-law took a trip to Cancun and brought me back this vanilla! It smells so rich – can’t wait to bake with it.


Happy mail from Scrawny Girl.


Gotta get ’em started on geek while they’re young! She loves her MLP comics.


Life In Photos #8

What’s that up top? My new spring header! I know spring started two weeks ago on the calendar, but around here it’s just starting to feel like spring now. The snow is mostly gone, the temps are in the forties and up range steadily, so I figured it was a good time to make the switch. I just LOVE it when the lilacs start blooming around here. We have a couple lilac trees in the backyard and my kitchen table always has a vase of blooms! So fragrant, and such a lovely shade of lavender.

Anywho, despite my lack of blog preparation this week, I did take some time on my kiddo-free day yesterday to throw together a fun new layout in PS for my Life In Photos series. I like this better as it I can post bigger pictures, yay! So without further mumbo jumbo. . .


Om nom nom! One of my favorite spring/summer desserts. Dip, eat, repeat.


My little was so excited to paint her own new pots. There’ll be a bigger post about our planting day soon!


Preschool homeschool has been going well. Last week was animal week, and here she is assembling her ‘Z for Zebra’ craft. We learned things about zebras while putting it together – she loved it!


Planting her flowers and radishes in her newly painted pots.


Edgar is very protective of the tomato plants. . .or he just likes lounging in the sun!

I’ve been plowing away with art as well – more portraits done for the Blogger Portrait series mainly. I’m so ready to do some new fan art though. Since Captain America: Winter Soldier entirely blew my mind with awesomeness this past weekend, I think some of that may be in order!

– Kayly

Life In Photos #7

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve done one these! I’ve noticed I have been taking less pictures this year, and I’m not really sure why. With warmer weather approaching, I’m making it a goal to take more pictures! Also, I’m thinking of trying to complete the Project Life list of Everyday Photo Ideas (once you click, scroll a bit to find the downloadable list). Not in any particular order, just for fun!

Life In Photos #7

1. She says to the hubs, “I’m going to be the cowboy, you be the princess, Daddy!” Love my child!

2. Our handsome cat Edgar. He has such a rough life.

3. Tea and banana bread is my favorite flavor combo ever. I could eat it all day long.

4. Ooey gooey homemade grilled cheese (we use Colby Jack cheese for ours – what’s your fave?). Om nom nom!

I’m excited to start up my Life In Photos again! I’m hoping to make it a weekly series, perhaps on Sundays? Hmmm. . . .