April NerdBlock Reveal

Another good NerdBlock month!


First up was this Avengers pack – I was definitely excited at the idea of an Avenger’s mini-fig! But…

DSC_0018 (2)

. . .I got a skateboard. What can you do? I was going to give it to my 6 year old nephew, but my little miss saw it and immediately said, “Cool, a new skateboard!”. And now she drives around her Pet Shop guys all around on it. My kid is awesome.


The hubs is so excited about these. . .and so am I!! Although the Transformers movies certainly went steadily downhill, it’s hard to beat the 80s cartoons. Therefore Tranformers + Lego(ish) guys = excitement. They are so cute!


I’ve heard of Rabbids, but have never played, or seen anything about them. But my daughter thinks he’s hilarious, and he now hangs with her Pet Shop guys.


I so love this little Gollum!! And lucky for me, I actually needed a cord gatherer. I’ve been using a big twist tie, and a little angry Gollum is SO much cuter and more fabulous. Now he keeps all my cords in the USB ports on our desktop together, of which there are many. Camera, iPod, external hard drive. . .it goes on.


I’ve never heard of Bravest Warriors. And as of yet haven’t bothered to Google it. It looks vaguely Adventure Time-esque – feel free to enlighten me on the subject! I really like the action figure though. Quirky and cute – love it!


And lastly the shirt. Although the hubs and I do enjoy Spiderman, it’s really my brother who is a big fan (as in read the comics, which neither Chris nor I have) so we gave it to him as a surprise! Random gifts for people are always a win in my book!

Onto May!