Busy Busy Busy

The above photo was the sunset on July 5. Being so mad busy this month make it even more important to me to stop and notice the little things.

This month is so jam packed sometimes I don’t even know where to start! Between working on portrait commissions, planning for birthday parties and camping trips, and a few other plans we already have there isn’t a single weekend free this month! So my blog posts may be a bit spread out compared to the last couple weeks.

This past weekend was filled with art, board games, good friends, and all around great times. I’ve got some projects in store this week to do with my little miss, so there will definitely be posts about that at some point.


I hope everyone’s Independence Day went well. I happily paid the insane price of $4.00 for my yearly piece of fried dough. . .it’s just sooooo delicious!! And I can justify the splurge since it is only once a year. . .yummo.
Chowing down on some fried dough!

Our town does a big celebration at our rec center field – there are booths, a raffle, live music with dancing – it’s really a great time! My little miss loved dancing with Daddy, and her Mimi (my mom) came up to enjoy the evening with us too. Which of course ended in fireworks!
DSC_0047 (2) DSC_0043 (2)
Dancing it up with Daddy!

What’s everyone up to this week? Exciting plans for the summer?

Game Nights

I love games. Board games, video games. Even hide-and-seek with my toddler is hilarious (mainly because she giggles every five seconds and it’s just so stinkin’ cute!!). This past weekend me and my wonderful friends had a game night. It was fantastic. It had been SUCH a long time since we’ve been able to get together and have one, especially since we used to do it every week. But you know, that was three years ago when we lived next door to one another, didn’t have children, and had half the responsibilities we do now! So needless to say, it was unbelievably great to spend a whole night with friends, pig out on some junk food, and play tons of board games, and in general spend the whole night having fits of hysterical laughter. Plus we’ve now decided to re-initiate a game night – though on a monthly, not weekly basis. Score!
And since I never go anywhere without my camera, mingled in this post are a few of the most hilarious best shots from the night. My friends are awesome.

What we played:

Ticket-to-ride-boardgameBoxFluxx_BoxStarFluxx_3D_Cover tsuro

I had never played ANY of these, which was awesome because I love to learn new games! We started with Ticket to Ride, which I had really wanted to try. I’d seen the Table Top episode (a show on the Geek & Sundry Youtube channel – check it out!) where they played it, and both me and my husband really wanted to try it ourselves. It’s AWESOME. Extremely easy to learn, and not too long to play! Highly recommend it. Oh and yes, in case you were wondering, I do sing “She’s got a ticket to ri-ide. . .” every. single. time I read the title of the game. And not always in my head.


You know it’s time to get serious when D’s Jayne hat comes out. (Game pictured is Ticket to Ride).

Fluxx, and it’s alter version Star Fluxx are very fun, but not great for long periods of time. The games are (generally) very short – ten to twenty minutes – so they make a really nice filler game in between longer board games. We played a total of about five rounds in throughout the night. Bonus: if you’re a sci-fi geek, you’ll get a kick out of the Star Fluxx cards. Jam packed with references to Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and tons more.


I learned I’m capable of making a Muppet Face. This is what happens when I’m not getting the cards I want! Oh and also, the shirt I’m wearing is totally from Krmball Clothing – click the link, or go to my shops page to check her out!

Tsuro was awesome as well. It reminds me of the game Carcassone (another great one) and though the gameplay is similar, the concept and ‘point’ of the game is different. This game is pretty quick too – we played multiple rounds in a row just because it was fun!


After D busted out the Jayne hat, A. had to trump him with her epic motorcycle helmet. From then on, hats were required for game playing.

We wrapped up the night with some WiiU, which was also ridiculous amounts of fun. I can’t wait for our next one – we plan on teaching our friends Ascension, and maybe busting out some Catan!


My hubby (left) and D after tying for the win in Ticket to Ride. My favorite picture of the night!

Oh, and just in case you were thinking it, I’m not in any way associated with the companies for these games, and I am not getting paid to say awesome things about them – I just truly enjoyed them. It they were total poo, I’d tell ya that too!
Do you enjoy gaming (of any kind)? What are some games you like to play? I’d love to hear it – I’m always looking for new things to try.