Life in Photos #22

Edgar snuggles

Edgar has always loved our little miss, and I just love it when they get snuggly! Melts my heart.


Who doesn’t love Netflixing from a blanket fort?

eli catnip

I love giving Eli catnip. He sits there and rubs his face all over it, kneading the rug the whole time. Then he gets all jittery, and just starts licking the rug obsessively. Heehee, kitty crack.

lego ballerina

Just a typical morning of Lego play dressed like a ballerina.

happy edgar

After taking down the above blanket fort, the hubs folded the blankets and put them on the coffee table. Edgar moved onto them, and they are his new favorite spot. Luckily, he didn’t mind us moving the stack to our little couch so I can have my coffee table back.


Having a quick rest on one of our morning walks. We often do walks sans shoes. While I’m really ready for fall to be here, I will miss being outside in bare feet!

It was kind of a kitty heavy photo week, but my boys are just so cute!

Instagram RoundUp


Top left, going clockwise. . .

1. Mailing out some happy mail to the winners of my Sailor Moon Bookmark Giveaway, and two more postcards for Postcrossing.

2. The Book Photo Challenge for August is almost done! It’s been a fun one!

3. I’m attempting to make felt plushies for the first time as Christmas presents. We’ll see how it goes.

4. I had Friday night all to myself as the hubs was out at FNM, and the little miss was off at a sleepover with her cousins at Grandma’s house. I took the time to get some serious blog work and planning done.


I’m so happy September is just about here! Despite fall not officially starting until the 23rd, I’ll be rolling out my new fall header paintings tomorrow. September is fall enough for me!