Life In Photos #28


Sunsets up in the mountains are so beautiful.

bird watching

We had our first class for the fall session at Prescott Farm this week (read my thoughts on the spring class here!) and my little had to get in some bird watching before class began.

praying mantisA

SQUEE!! Look at that little face!! This was the first time I’d ever seen a praying mantis so up close (one of my friends had it on her leg!). It started out all cute and innocent looking….

praying mantisB

…..but then got quite grumpy and started air boxing haha! Cranky praying mantis.

pumpkin lights

We decorated for Halloween at the beginning of the week including decking out my little’s room with pumpkin lights.


And in my favorite news of the week, my little miss is no longer afraid to carve pumpkins!! In previous years, we’ve always had to paint pumpkins as she insisted that we couldn’t carve because “it would hurt the pumpkin!” which I actually thought was totally adorable. Plus, shocker, I love to paint so that was a plus! But this year, she wanted to make a jack-o-lantern! It was a team effort – I gutted the pumpkin, she drew on the face (with a bit of help for the teeth 😉 ) and then the hubs carved it. I really wish it hadn’t been so dark so I could have snapped a pic of her face when we first lit the candle. She thought it was amazing!

Instagram RoundUp


Clockwise, from top left.

1. I made mini apple crisp pies! There will be proper photos and a post coming soon!
2. Edgar loves to snuggle on the arm rest of the couch.
3. Made three batches of homemade tomato soup – yum!
4. More shading on Mr. Cumberbatch here. There’s even more done now (you’ll see on WIP Wednesday) – he’ll be complete soon!

Today we’re off to a fair, and I can’t wait to take more photos!