Life In Photos #15

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend! Mine was filled with family, fun, and food! Just the way I like it. Got some yummy recipe posts for later in the week too. For now, a photo catch-up.

Fourth dress

In her dress for the fourth!


Despite this picture being blurry and not well framed, I still love it. I love seeing the looks of joy on my favorite two people!

in the lake

lake with daddy

wrapped up

Beach trips! The water is still too chilly for me, but the miss just runs on in. Luckily Daddy is willing to go with her!

drying herbs

My herbs are doing great! Right now I’ve got oregano and basil up on the drying line. The oregano is actually ready to crush and get bottled. Also, pardon my chicken scratch menu board there. 😀


She’s such a serious painter.

reading to stuffies

Reading to her stuffies during quiet time.

candle stalactites

I always pack candles when camping, and I love the wax stalactites that taper candles make!

floor nap

Sometimes quiet time turns into a nap.

I guess I was pretty child focused with this weeks bunch! What can I say, I just love taking photos of her. I think I’m going to start finding some prompts to follow along with (besides #creativedaily) – maybe even a new photo challenge! Do you participate in one?

Has Anyone Seen My Head?

Because I’m pretty sure it fell off somewhere with all the running around I’m doing this week. We are going on a big family camping trip (our annual family reunion) and between prepping for that, regular errands, a new commitment I’ve made with my best bud, and taking my little girl to the beach often, this week is just nuts!!!

DSC_0012 (5)
Very happy with her bright yellow mushroom she found at Grammy’s house!

Luckily, I’m feeling a little more organized on the home front because A: I’ve managed to keep the house in relative order this week, which is good since my brother and his girlfriend are staying with us overnight before we leave for camping. I actually don’t have much to clean up before their arrival! And B: I’ve got my lists made. I can not function without lists. I write them for everything – groceries, chores I need to do, projects I have, and especially for packing. I think it’s combination of my inability to remember things (besides loads of useless trivia) and that visually seeing things laid out in an organized fashion calms my brain. I’m definitely not a neat freak, but I do like organization (hence all our Blu-Rays in perfect alphabetical order).

My lists for our upcoming camping trip. . .I go a little overboard.

We’ve spent tons of time at the beach this week too – it’s been so hot up here in NH (90+ every day!), and I can’t think of a better place than the beach with it’s cool-but-not-TOO-cold water and lake breezes. . .ahhhhhh.

DSC_0179 DSC_0108
            Outta my way, things to do!   Quite happy with her shovel of sand.

This past Sunday we went down to see our favorite cousins and their gorgeous new house they just bought! So glad they moved up to NH so we can see each other more often. They were kind enough to offer up their pool for use, and we had a blast!




Loving the pool!

So the blog will be silent for at least a few days while we go camping, recover from camping, and get the house all back in order and back to everyday life. I’ve got some posts brewing – both about shopping. One on indie shopping and all the AMAZING things I’ve gotten so far from indie stores, and one on yard sales and the crazy cool things you can find for next to nothing! And of course, a post or two about our camping trip will be in the works. Enjoy your week, and stay cool!