NerdBlock #2

Our second NerdBlock showed up in the mail last week and I love it as much as the first one! The geek in me definitely outweighs the girly girl aspects since I am FAR more excited about my monthly NerdBlock than I am by my other beauty subscription boxes! Let’s get to it.

I was excited from the get go. Just opening it up and I’m seeing Star Wars, My Little Pony, and Hunger Games. YES.


I love Funko figurines. I think they are so adorable. And slightly creepy, which in my opinion just makes them better. My hubs was THRILLED with this little Luke Skywalker! He is a big Star Wars nerd. He already has a little plush Yoda hanging from  his rearview mirror, and is now going to mount this guy onto his dashboard! Which is just perfect, since it’s a bobblehead. Spectacular.

DSC_0006    DSC_0016

Next I opened up the My Little Pony figurine. My three year old is a huge MLP fan, and I can’t deny it – I totally like that show. It’s funny (I have literally laughed out loud on multiple occasions), it has great animation, and it has a worthwhile message – what’s not to love?! Anywho, we got a Fluttershy which is perfect, since she and Pinkie Pie are my little missy’s favorites. Why they are black, I don’t know, but my daughter loves it and that’s what counts!

DSC_0007   DSC_0014

I ripped into my Hunger Games mini-fig next. Well, I tried, got frustrated, then finally gave in and opened it with scissors. Inside was a mini Johanna Mason figurine! Suits me just fine – I love Hunger Games, so onto the nerd shelves it went. On the close up you can see she seems to have a case of cave-man face but shhhh let’s not ruin it. . .
I find this slightly ironic as Johanna is supposed to be all sexy and super hot, but seriously her head is about the size of a pencil lead – how much detail are you expecting to get in there?! Moving on.


I was intrigued by this Ninja Turtles splat ball. Mainly because I had no idea what that was. But TMNT always makes me feel super nostalgic. I have very fond memories of watching the original cartoon with my big bro and honestly, does it get any more classic than the guys-in-suits live action movies? Anywho, the toy is kind of like a combination stress ball/water balloon. We’ve had fun tossing it about the house, and trying to stick it to walls. The hubs and I attempted to give it a home on our nerd shelves but the three year old dictator was having none of it. So it resides with her.


I saved unrolling the shirt for last, as I have decided I will always do! I feel they are the biggest surprise, so I like the anticipation. This month was an awesome Batman shirt! My hubs is thrilled. I too am a total Batman fan, but since I got the Zelda shirt last month, this one was all his.

Yet another awesome NerdBlock! Click the link below to sign up and you too can have a mini nerd Christmas every month!

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