Links to the Past

I have been doing a lot of window shopping online for stuff this week, and the links reflect that. Ever since our budget crackdown after buying my new car we definitely don’t have fun money to throw around anymore, so my indie purchases have taken a nosedive. But I’ve been having fun browsing for things I’d love to have instead!

Hyrule crest

  • Pentatonix released a new video this week, and as usual it’s amazing. (If you’re not up on Pentatonix, check out this post). I’m not a huge fan of the rap break down in the middle, simply because I’m not a huge rap fan, period. But I do love the build it has, into the beautiful harmony of the next chorus. Also, you can pre-order their new EP on iTunes! It comes out September 23rd, and I’m squeeing about it already.
  • This video game armor logic image cracked me up. Luckily, this seems to be less of problem in games like Skyrim, but I feel like in fighting games, women still wear the most ridiculous ‘battle outfits’ ever created.
  • My little might start preschool this year, and I want to get her every single one of these backpacks. Having a different backpack for every day of the month is totally normal, right? Right.

Here’s your weekly does of Zelda!

Love this Zelda baseball tee from Koala Art & Design!