Fair Day!

We stopped by the Belknap County 4H Fair this past weekend. Our first fair of the season! This was actually a great fair for our little miss to start out with as it was small, not too overwhelmingly busy and pretty much all the activities were good for her age group.

First we visited lots of animals. They had rabbits and chickens in the their cages you could look at, and lots of cows, goats, and sheep out and about that you could pet and visit with. She was loving it!



Then we went and found Grandma, who was working at the fair, and got hooked up with some VIP treatment. . .chauffeured to the pony rides by golf cart!



This was my baby girl’s first time on a pony! She was a little shy with the man (who I realized after looks quite scary in these pics, but trust me he was super funny and great with the kids!) but as soon as she was on the horse she had a blast.




After that we went over to the kiddie area for some rides with her cousin. She said this was her favorite part of the day, no surprise there!



Then it was time to wrap up the trip with a healthy lunch of. . .ice cream? Ok, so a not-so-healthy lunch of ice cream, but it sure was tasty. Gotta eat dessert first sometimes!


What were you up to this weekend?

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This Week We. . .

  • Had a sleepover with my best friend, and her daughter (who is my daughter’s best friend – we are a double trouble team!). We took the kids to Beans & Greens which is an awesome local farm/store that has lots for little ones to do – for free! We had so much fun feeding the goats, cow, and pig. The chickens weren’t out the day we went, but they often have them. In the fall there is a hay maze, and other fun things! Their store is great too – tons of fresh vegetables, and lots of yummy baked goods as well. It’s a great place.



Mini best buds!

Awesome teepee made out of leafy vines!

  • From there we went to Imagination Station, a wooden playground that is just FABULOUS. There is so much for little kids to explore there – all kinds of wood tunnels, bridges to climb, tires to play in, and of course the standard playground fare of swings, slides, and see-saws (or as my best friend’s adorable daughter calls them ‘Up-Downs’).


Isn’t it amazing! I just love this place.


  • As you can see at the top of this post, I finally got a dang bee photo! I’ve been wanting a bee-on-a-flower photo all summer, and the opportunity finally presented itself. Yay for me!
  • I finished up a commission but I can’t post it yet! It’s being delivered this weekend so I’ll post about it next week – don’t want to ruin the surprise!
  • I ordered and received my Indie Purchase Of The Month to fulfill my 1AM Promise. I got a SPECTACULAR print (see below) from Papyrusaurus. I love me some tenth Doctor! Got some gifts from there too. . .which¬†again I can’t post in case of surprise ruining. Just a side note about the store – I was really impressed by their customer service! I had a question about a print which they responded to very quickly, and when it came time to ship them, she emailed me double checking my address as it seemed wrong – somehow the address was set up to ship to a Wal-Mart somewhere instead my home address! What?! Point being, she had the courtesy to check and fix it which I really appreciated!!

I mean seriously, does it get any better?

And although I know it’s supposed to be Fun Fact Friday, yet again I have nothing prepared. I swear Friday comes twice as fast as usual sometimes. . .so I think I’m gonna to say Fun Fact Friday’s will be an occasional thing instead of EVERY Friday. At least for now! Happy weekend everyone!

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